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“The Rules Of Hell” by Black Sabbath

Artist: Black Sabbath
Title: “The Rules Of Hell”
Label: Rhino Entertainment
Release Date: 7/22/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 5/5

Heavy Metal fans that have prayed to whatever gods they prefer will find themselves pleased at the news informing them that all of the albums recorded with Ronnie James Dio would be getting the remastering process done to them and be released together as a deluxe boxed set. Several years ago, Rhino Entertainment did the same thing with all of the Ozzy Osbourne recordings and released “The Black Box”. There was only one bonus track on it, but the book enclosed read like a history lesson on the ones who kicked this whole genre off as a whole. The downside was that it stopped at Ozzy but now some twenty-eight years after Black Sabbath Mark II came into existence, we would get our chance to not only relive the greatness of that lineups music, but also learn some vital details about this point in the bands career as they try to successfully move on from replacing a figure like Ozzy Osbourne. With the scope of this release covering four individual albums we have decided to break them up one by one and offer up some thoughts on each of the releases. Believe me readers, I was as excited for this one as you probably are so let’s get down to business.
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