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“The Red Album” (remaster) by The Beatles

Artist: The Beatles
Title: “The Red Album: 1962-1966” (remaster)
Label: Capitol Records
Release Date: 10/19/2010
Genre: Rock & Roll
Rating: 5/5

In September 2009, the Rock & Roll fans of the world were once again reminded of the full impact and resonating musical influence that was the legacy of The Beatles catalog when it received the remastered treatment and was delivered in both a Stereo and a Mono boxed set. These collections featured all of the bands albums minus the “Anthology” releases and the “Live At The BBC” and were worthy additions to ones musical library. Fast forward a little over a year to where we are today as EMI Music and Apple Corps presents the long overdue collections that were entitled “The Red Album: 1962-1966” and “The Blue Album: 1967-1970”. The special nature of these releases finds each being touched upon in their own narrative.
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