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Check The Trailer: “Daredevil” Season 2: Trailer Part 1

Logo - Daredevil

Everyone who watched the first season of Marvel’s “Daredevil” was pretty sold on the performances and the overall presentation that we found as viewers. Charlie Cox was a terrific Matt Murdock/Daredevil and it was great to find the show taking place in the same universe that ALL of the recent Marvel Studios films are. By doing this there were references to things that happened in a wide variety of films and I love those kind of Easter Eggs. Check out the poster below of the second season which will go live on Netflix on March 18th.

Poster - Daredevil - Netflix Marvel - 2016

As you can tell by the poster, there are a lot of players in this second season for our Man Without Fear to deal with and I am fine with that since its expanding the ever growing Marvel film universe. I also love how these shows are connected together which we found thanks to some references in “Jessica Jones”. These series are really giving Marvel fans something special and now we have the first trailer for the second season of Daredevil. The first trailer focuses on The Punisher. Check it out below.

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All-New Marvel Now! Onsale In February 2014

Marvel Comics has been delivering their “Marvel Now!” initiative for over a year now and I wanted to take a moment to share with you readers some of the brand new first issues that we shall be seeing in February. Clearly there is some exciting stuff heading our way with some long known about heavy hitters and some newer takes on the heroes.

Logo - All-New Marvel Now

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