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King Diamond’s “The Graveyard” Spends 20 Years In The Cold Damp Earth (1996-2016)

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The weather outside is cold, dark, raining and pretty much chills you to the bone when it comes down to it and in all honesty that is the perfect setting on the 20th Anniversary of King Diamond’s concept album “The Graveyard”. This would be the first ever album by the King on the Massacre Records label and since I’ve already reviewed its remastered edition back when that came out in 2009, I will defer you to my thoughts on THIS LINK. Please check that out along with the Official Album Wiki entry at the close of these thoughts. I remembered liking it, but for me the best King Diamond stuff was his earliest efforts and I guess I feel that way since that was the music that found me getting interested in his brand of Macabre Metal in the first place. Take a few moments to review the tracks down below so you can recall your favorites if you had any on the album.

Track Listing:
1. Graveyard
2. Black Hill Sanitarium
3. Waiting
4. Heads On The Wall
5. Whispers
6. I’m Not A Stranger
7. Digging Graves
8. Meet Me At Midnight
9. Sleep Tight Little Baby
10. Daddy
11. Trick Or Treat
12. Up From The Grave
13. I Am
14. Lucy Forever
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“The Graveyard” (remaster) by King Diamond

Artist: King Diamond
Title: “The Graveyard” (remaster)
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 10/13/2009
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Continuing the remastered editions of the King Diamond catalog that were released under the Metal Blade Records banner comes the 1996 recording of “The Graveyard” and remaining true to form the King weaves a tale that both horrifies and compels the listener as it plays out. I admit that I paid little mind to this release when it first came about and enjoyed the fact that I was listening to it with what I felt were fresh ears with this version. The story told across the span of the album is that of the King character who works for an evil boss that is caught molesting his daughter. The King’s outrage and pointing out of this activity finds him declared mad and locked away in a sanitarium. I guess he should have expected this when accusing the mayor of such an insidious deed. In time the King escapes and is now officially mad and a resident of the local graveyard where he becomes a living spook or ghoul in some respect and kills unsuspecting passers by as he plots the demise of the mayor who locked him away so long ago. The two eventually meet and to know the full story you will just have to listen for yourself. We don’t plan on spoiling the end of the movie for you in these words that’s for sure.
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