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Celebrating 1/4 Century Of Metallica’s “The Black Album” (1991-2016)

Today is a great day my Metal friends because it is not only Friday but it’s also the 25th Anniversary of Metallica’s eponymously titled album “Metallica” or as I’ve liked to call it along with so many others – “The Black Album”. In honor of this Music Milestone I figured that I would share some personal reflections and key information about this particular release. Like always, the deeper, finer details can be found on the Wikipedia link below as it’s all there for the research. “The Black Album” was a real departure from the kind of Metal that Metallica was playing on its earlier albums and with the majority of the songs there was a slower pace to them and a crunching groove that allowed each song to seamlessly work together. When the album was released I was a much bigger Metallica fan than I had ever been in the beginning and despite the different sound, I found a good number of the tracks appealing. It was hard to not have this being the case considering that conventional Rock radio was playing Metallica songs and this was something I never thought I would experience unless it was a late night Heavy Metal showcasing program. “The Black Album” would come care of Elektra Records and was produced by Bob Rock.
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