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All You Need Is “The Beatles”: Now Remastered (9/9/2009)

Metal website’s official blog or not this is some pretty big and super cool news. The Beatles catalog has been fully remastered and is available as of a couple of days ago and what a day to offer it up to their fans, September 9th 2009 or “9-9-9” (you know like the song “Revolution #9 that says “number 9, number 9, number 9” again and again. This is also cool news for those fans who are a little too young to have fully appreciated the band and might be curious about those round black plates in their parents music collection. Sadly those entrenched in the digital age will need to hold on as these are purely physical releases and not available in iTunes or even Amazon.com MP3 providers at this time. I am sure we shall see this happening soon enough though.

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