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Meat Loaf @ Palace Theatre (11/2/2006)

Logo - Meat Loaf

Artist: Meat Loaf
Venue: Palace Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 11/2/2006
Label: Virgin Music

I was convinced that tonight was going to be something special from the moment that I heard about the show. The setting would be Broadway’s Palace Theatre and inside on this blustery night in New York City, the legendary Meat Loaf would perform music from all three of his “Bat Out Of Hell” albums. It’s been almost thirty years since the bombastic front man first appeared on the music scene with an album that would forever shake Rock & Roll history. Penned by Jim Steinman, “Bat Out Of Hell” was an album loaded with stories that had a tremendous Broadway aspect to them. It spawned the mega hits “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad” and the fan favorite Teen Romance epic “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”. The songs were radio staples back then and remain so to this very day. As a longtime fan of the recording, it would be great to experience these still fresh songs performed in such a setting. The event was sold out and a one -night only appearance and while the stage décor was limited to banners of the individual albums as banners the stage was absolutely loaded with music personnel and instruments. There was a sixteen piece strings and orchestra section, two keyboards, twin guitars, bass, drums, backup singers and of course – Meat Loaf. He arrived like a hurricane but only teased the crowd with “All Revved Up”, a song that I would have liked to hear the complete version of. Instead it was his lead in to “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”, one of the mega numbers in his repertoire and I admit that I was quite surprised to find this song so early on in the show. Yet considering the main idea was to showcase the new “Bat” album it made a little sense. Meat was in terrific vocal form for someone who has been singing at the top of his lungs for as long as he has and for this song the entire audience seemed to be doing the respective parts. It was during this song that we got to meet the lovely Miss Aspen Miller. Ms. Miller is perfect for the role of Meat Loafs foil for this track and an incredible vocal talent as well. During this song she pranced around stage in a skimpy cheerleader outfit which was met with levels of approval. She has a big voice and a lot of beautiful stage presence. Aspen is surely a welcome addition to the Meat Loaf touring company.
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