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“Real To Reel 2” by Tesla

Artist: Tesla
Title: “Real To Reel 2”
Label: Tesla Electric Company Recordings
Release Date: 9/25/2007
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Tesla recently toured in support of their covers album “Real To Reel” for what was billed as The Electric Summer Jam tour and while the package for the release had room for two CD’s, the second disk was only available for those fans who attended a show and paid for a full price ticket. Since there was no way possible for everyone who wanted to attend to do so the band decided to make CD 2 available to them as well and based on the tracks presented I am sure glad that they did. The second part of “Real To Reel” continues along the same lines as the first CD and offers up the bands very faithful takes on Rock classics from the seventies. Having enjoyed part one quite a bit I expected to be impressed all the more by the tunes the band would focus on for this one. The musical push back in time begins with a smooth version of Mott The Hoople’s “All The Young Dudes” and this is one of those tracks that I felt Tesla handled as if it were there own and they did a lot of the same for Bad Company’s “Shooting Star”. These two tracks have remained high on my own Classic Rock favorites list and thanks to Tesla shall be once again dug out of the CD collection and uploaded to the music player. “I Want To Take You Higher” is the perfect companion tune to disk one’s “Ball Of Confusion” as it brings the Soul side to the front once again. The Rolling Stones track was fun but those songs generally are. I would have loved to hear a more obscure Jagger/Richards composition get delivered but that’s not what they ended up doing and instead gave us “Street Fighting Man”, at least the band didn’t take the easy route of “Brown Sugar” or “Satisfaction”. I found it very interesting to hear the guys do an Alice Cooper tune for the typical Blues Rock of Tesla never really called to mind the Master of Shock Rock, but they did him justice on it with “Is It My Body”.
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