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Evanescence @ Hammerstein Ballroom (10/9/2006)

Logo - Evanescence

Artist: Evanescence
Venue: Hammerstein Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Revelation Theory
Date: 10/9/2006
Label: Wind-Up Records

Much to the delighted screams of thousands of fans the one and only Evanescence has returned to New York City for a sold out performance at The Hammerstein Ballroom. No, you are not misreading things as Evanescence was finally back and it was time for everyone to get a little Gothic. Judging by the attending audience this would be entirely possible this evening for everywhere you looked where younger versions of Amy Lee. Evanescence has a mixed audience in terms of age range and tonight it seemed as though a lot of parents were going to see what their kids listened to first hand by choosing not to wait outside but instead would try their hand inside the venue amidst the fans en masse. I think it is great when the folks make an effort to see what kind of music the kids listen to, whether they understand or like it or not. Opening the show was Revelation Theory who I walked in on the last song or three of. They were not doing much for me at that late stage but they did do an impressive rendition of “Hunger Strike” the popular tune by Temple Of The Dog.

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Evanescence by Ken Pierce (2006)

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“The Open Door” by Evanescence

Artist: Evanescence
Title: “The Open Door”
Label: Wind-Up Records
Release Date: 10/3/2006
Genre: Gothic Rock
Rating: 4/5

Exploding on to the scene like a dynamo, Evanescence would find themselves a chart-topping artist with their major debut “Fallen”. It was an album that was that was loaded with powerful levels of alternative Hard Rock and would make singer Amy Lee a superstar. Turmoil of the time led to the split of band co-founder Ben Moody, who also was a large contributor in terms of the song-writing success they found. Going forward the question would be could Amy follow up the blockbuster record without his involvement. The answer would be yes she could, and on “The Open Door”, she adventures forward – extending the levels of emotion used in the content more than she ever did on her previous songs. The past couple of turbulent years in the band and singers life would lead to their documentation in song and that alone makes this purer in its essence and overall meaning as an album. The listener will find that the new recording leans a lot heavier on the Gothic side than “Fallen” had done and there are moments on the release that are quite heavy. It begins with “Sweet Sacrifice”, a track where Amy shows that the group has not lost any of their edge in the way they do things and instantly reminds the listener that they rock. Comparing tracks from the last release, this number could stand as the new albums “Bring Me To Life”. “Call Me When Your Sober” is perhaps the most important track to the singer as she sings of moving on from the demons that were the cause of her last relationships end. Her new song-writing partner would be Terry Balsamo, and together a new chapter is forged and is right on target. As a group, they have a lot to stand up against with their hit maker always looking at them, and they succeed in making the new album special with blends of the Classical on tracks such as “Lacrymosa”. As one of the better tracks, it makes use of strings and a dramatic choir that works quite well. The three year absence from a studio album seems to have worked out well for the group on “Lithium”, an important tune that advises choosing to feel as opposed to remaining numb from life’s trials. The digipak release includes great artwork and interior design and photos. It truly adds to the experience of enjoying the album.
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“Anywhere But Home” [CD/DVD] by Evanescence

Artist: Evanescence
Title: “Anywhere But Home”
Label: Wind-Up Records
Release Date: 11/23/2004
Genre: Alternative
Rating: 8/10

Break out band Evanscence have released their first live DVD entitled “Anywhere But Home”. This piece follows up their award-winning release “Fallen”. The lineup consists of Amy Lee (vocals) along with Rocky Gray (drums), John LeCompt & Terry Balsamo (guitars) and William Boyd (bass). From the initial recordings of Evanescence, Amy Lee is the only remaining member and principal songwriter. Guitarist/co-Founder Ben Moody left mid tour last year. The DVD comes with a companion CD of the same concert, given you a double shot for the dollar.
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