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Hulu Presents: “Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.” – Official Date Announcement

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Marvel supervillain M.O.D.O.K. will be getting his own animated series this May and unlike the episodically running “WandaVision” on Disney+, all of the series chapters will be available for immediate binging on the go live date. A brief teaser was recently released by the network and I’ve embedded that for you down below along with the premise and casting. Let’s take a look.

The Premise: After spending years failing to gain control of the world and battling superheroes along the way, M.O.D.O.K., having been removed from his company A.I.M. after it falls into bankruptcy and is sold to the rivaling GRUMBL, begins to deal with his tainting family while facing a mid-life crisis.
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Amazon Prime Video: “Invincible” Official Trailer

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The next superhero feature to come to the small screen comes care of an animated series presentation of Image Comics “Invincible”. The series will begin streaming in late March on the Amazon Prime service and the first trailer was just recently released. After you watch you can peruse a brief premise and see the massive voice cast and promotional art. Enjoy

The Premise:
Mark Grayson is a normal teenager, except for the fact that his father Nolan is the most powerful superhero on the planet. Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Mark begins to develop powers of his own and enters into his father’s tutelage.
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Marvel Studios “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Official Trailer

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It was only back in December when Marvel Studios handed us the dossier that included the world’s “first look” into the upcoming Disney+ action/Adventure series “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”, and if you missed that briefing just click HERE to be up to date on the mission plan. Now, as The Big Game continues we have what is being called the Official Trailer, so let’s take a look. I’ve also included some light premise, the casting and the first promotional poster art for good measure.

The Premise: After being handed the mantle of Captain America at the end of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Sam Wilson teams up with Bucky Barnes in a worldwide adventure that puts their abilities to the test as they fight the anarchist group the Flag-Smashers.
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The CW Presents: “Superman & Lois” Official Trailer

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A lot has happened since we last saw Superman on The CW Network. Not only is there a brand-new Batwoman, but both Supergirl and Black Lightning will be saying farewell to their respective shows with their most recent seasons. “Superman & Lois” brings the famous DC power couple back to the small screen as married parents and the first trailer is below for you to enjoy. I’ve also included some premise, casting and promotional art. Let’s go.

The Premise: Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane return to Smallville with their sons Jonathan and Jordan, where they are reacquainted with Lana Lang, her husband Kyle Cushing, and their daughter Sarah, when their idyllic life is upended when The Stranger enters their lives.
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Disney+ Presents: “WandaVision” Mid-Season Trailer

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Hey my friends and welcome back to some discussion about the Disney+ series “WandaVision” which comes care of Marvel Studios and continues the adventures of The Scarlet Witch and The Vision. It’s rare that I discuss a program that’s already in progress but then again it’s also rare that a mid-season trailer gets offered up by something with so few episodes. Yet here we are a few days after Episode 4 which if you are following along will agree that it was fantastic. Now if you were only just now considering signing up for the service to give this a shot, please DO NOT watch this mid-season trailer because toms stuff will be spoiled for you from the first four episodes. When you consider what Marvel Studios will be delivering here over the next few years you’re going to want to be on point if you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So if you are watching then click on down to this latest trailer. I’ll see you after the expanded casting and new colorful poster with some opinion.

The Synopsis: Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Wanda Maximoff and Vision begin to suspect things are not as they seem as the two live their ideal suburban life.
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