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PiercingMetal Talks To Kittie’s Morgan, Mercedes and Tara (8/11/2007)

I didn’t follow Kittie at all when they were starting out since it just wasn’t my thing but over the years that had passed was able to find myself enjoying the way that they do things. The all-girl band was one of the true road warriors for a band of their kind and day to day they face the challenges of being a group on the road trying to make a difference to their fans and for themselves. The summer of 2007 was in full sway but we secured some time in the bands dressing room backstage at B.B. King Blues Club and as luck would have it I would get to spend time with both Lander Sisters Morgan and Mercedes and guitarist Tara Mcleod as well. To read the full conversation just keep scrolling.

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An Interview with Kittie’s Morgan & Mercedes Lander and Tara Mcleod: I was getting set to cover the return of Kittie to New York as they continued their “Sweet Revenge Tour” and made a return visit to B.B. King Blues Club. My original plan didn’t include any interview stuff but I had arrived at the venue early enough to jot some questions down if the girls were available. As luck would have it they were no longer busy with sound check and felt like talking to us. I sat down with lead singer/guitarist Morgan Lander, drummer and Morgan’s sister Mercedes and the bands newest guitarist Tara Mcleod and together we talked about the recent history of the band, their newest album and tour and entertained some thoughts about the music business in general. Below is the transcription of our exact conversation. It is completely uncensored for your Metal enjoyment.

PiercingMetal: OK Ladies so I jotted down a dozen or so questions for us to knock out today, so let me start off by saying congratulations on ten years of Kittie as a band.

Morgan Lander: Thank you – it’s eleven actually, or will be in September.

PiercingMetal: My bad, I apologize, so let me rephrase that into congratulations for kicking Metal ass for “over” ten years now, how does that feel as a band?

Mercedes Lander: Well, I really think that we have grown so much over the past eleven years because we’re not even the same band obviously as we were, but you know you grow with your instrument and you learn things and it was nice for Morgan and I to learn them together and I mean it’s really great to be doing this all these years as who would have thought it to be true. It doesn’t seem like eleven years at all.
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