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“Live Raw and Uncut” by Poison

Artist: Poison
Title: “Live Raw and Uncut”
Label: Sweet Cyanide Music Inc.
Release Date: 7/15/2008
Genre: Glam Rock & Roll
Rating: 4/5

Filmed during the summer of 2007, “Live, Raw & Uncut” brings the home viewer into the crowd as the legendary Glam Rockers deliver an energetic and entertaining concert performance in front of a very obviously sold out crowd. For the tour the band was traveling in support of their most recent album “Poison’d”; which was an album of cover material that the group had reworked ever so slightly to fit their particular style. The effort was interesting and found some new numbers mixed in with a few of the covers that the boys had delivered over the course of their career and during these shows the fans would get the chance to enjoy them. Having witnessed this tour in the flesh myself when it rolled through my area I was happy to find such a performance making its way to DVD and that is very simply because it was just one of those feel good shows where everyone around you was having a good time and either drinking and singing along or just rocking and rolling without any assistance. The one main thing you could take from the crowd were the beaming smiles as Brett, CC, Rikki, and Bobby performed a chock full of hits set and blended in some of the highlights from the recent album. The video was also shot in HD which adds to the level of quality of the video which is crystal clear and of course the audio presented is top notch and clear. If one sets their home stereo up to their TV or has one of those massive home theater experiences going on you will feel as though you are at the show and in the VIP area. The downside is that there is most likely no beer concession nearby unless you have a fully loaded refrigerator.
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