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CBS Offers First Look At Upcoming “Supergirl” Series

Logo - Supergirl

“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s………….Supergirl!!!! Yes my comic themed television lovers, “Supergirl” is getting her own series and it will air on the CBS Network later on in the year. You know, CBS would have made the third network to be airing a DC Comics property if NBC hadn’t cancelled the what I thought was excellent “Constantine” series only a few short weeks ago. Man I am still bummed about that one since it seemed to be handling the character properly but oh well, I am not some network bigshot and am instead only your humble Pop Culture servant when it comes down to it. That said, CBS has given us a rather lengthy trailer or more like an exclusive look to the new “Supergirl” show and I have embedded that video for your consumption below. Check it out and I will be back with some thoughts.

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