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Open Now: “Superheroes In Gotham” @ NY Historical Society Museum & Library

When I went to the local comic book store to pick up a few of the titles that interest me most I noticed some takeaway cards and one that struck me as particularly interesting was the one labeled “Superheroes In Gotham”; The focus of a new exhibit that was currently open at the NY Historical Society Museum and Library right here in our own Big Metal Media Apple. It was the first I was hearing about this and to be honest I am still a little shell shocked from NY Comic Con but please check out the poster and the exhibit premise below and then I will toss in a few added thoughts.

Banner - Superheroes In Gotham - 2015

The Official Scoop:

“Comic book superheroes are a part of our daily lives. They engage our imaginations on the pages of comic books, television and movie screens, as well as the Broadway stage and in the virtual world of gaming. Contemporary literature and art reference them; adults and children alike delight in donning superhero t-shirts, caps, and sneakers.
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