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SuperHeroStuff.com’s Press Preview 2015

Not only was Toy Fair getting ready to start showcasing its wares to the buyers and press outlets of the world, it was also Fashion Week and with that being the case I could think of no better way to prep myself for the adventures than by hitting a Press Preview session that was showcasing the latest and greatest offerings by SuperHeroStuff.com. I’d be heading to the almost waterfront with my good buddy SkeletonPete to see what they had on hand and everything that I we saw you can too in the images below.

Logo - SuperHeroStuff

I’ll start the tour with some traditional baseball caps and a bicycle helmet that really looked cool.

superherostuff.com 2015 previews

The Wonder Woman stuff in this photo is awesome especially if you are someone that does WW Cosplay or know an Amazonian Princess in your world and want to make her day. I also loved the super cool Captain America watch. You know readers, I will have a site birthday coming up in case you are feeling on the generous side šŸ™‚

superherostuff.com 2015 previews
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