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Necrophagist @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (7/19/2009): Summer Slaughter

Logo - Necrophagist

Artist: Necrophagist
Venue: The Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Opener: Suffocation, Ensiferum, Darkest Hour, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Blackguard
Date: 7/19/2009
Label: Relapse Records

Last summer the Big Apple hosted the Summer Slaughter tour which found an incredible sampling of Heavy Metal’s finest delivering the goods for one long day of Metal. It was a show that presented relative newcomers to the public eye with bands like Psycroptic, Whitechapel and Born Of Osiris while also delivering the growing in popularity groups such as Despised Icon, The Faceless and The Aborted. The heavy hitter portion of the night came via Cryptopsy, Vader and Kataklysm with the whole shebang being headlined by the Black Dahlia Murder. “Whew” was all that many of the Metal faithful could muster after being a part of this almost eight hour event at the Fillmore NY. The show was great for the most part and we reported on it in full, but even that lineup found us realizing that there were several faults along the way. For starters it might have been smart to sacrifice at least one band to allow for an extra song from each of the groups as opposed to the uneven nature in set times that we got. The numerous bands found the first grouping playing for just about thirty minutes if not less. We also would have switched around the roster a little bit for while we love what The Black Dahlia Murder does, we did not feel that they should have been headlining over the might of bands like Vader and Kataklysm. Believe it or not, Vader actually only played about 20 minutes while we got over an hour of the BDM. Clearly something was wrong but that is a tale for another review. The 2009 edition of Summer Slaughter would present the might of a headlining Necrophagist with direct support from Suffocation. Also on the bill were Viking Metal titans Ensiferum, Darkest Hour, Winds Of Plague, Dying Fetus, Born Of Osiris, Origin, Beneath The Massacre, After The Burial, Decrepit Birth and Blackguard.
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