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“Suicide Shot” by Pretty Suicide

Artist: Pretty Suicide
Title: “Suicide Shot”
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Rock & Roll
Rating: Good

Pretty Suicide is a band who I met at a KISS Convention and that is truly on of the great perks of an event like this. You have the ability to walk about and potentially meet some wonderful and talented people. I had the pleasure of talking to Courtney who is the lead singer of this band and she sent me the CD for commentary on the site. The self-released CD “Suicide Shot” that they have is a nice assortment of tasty and well laid out Rock & Roll. There is a dose of catchy numbers that I found myself singing along with after a couple of quick listens. Opening track “Should Have Said Goodbye” is perhaps the best and my personal favorite across the recording. I found Court possessing a very Pat Benetar like quality in her voice during this one in particular. “User Abuser” and “Do You Want It” are also on the memorable side. Band members Larry (guitar) and Armand (drums) do great on the piece and certainly prove that Courtney is not treating them as the backup band to her front person role. You too often find the case where the players are forgotten and the singer the main focus. Her look is of course very pretty but she plays it down and instead focuses on the task at hand which is Rocking and Rolling to the best of her ability.
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