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“Big Bang Theory” by Styx

Artist: Styx
Title: “Big Bang Theory”
Label: New Door Records
Release Date: 5/10/2005
Genre: Rock
Rating: 7.5

Styx is definitely one of the greatest arena rock bands of all time. I remember when I first heard tracks like “Lorelei” and “Come Sail Away”; these classic rockers were comparable to Progressive Rock before the term was widely used. In any case they really kicked it up a notch for Rock and Roll and their material has withstood the tests of time with some of it sounding fresh as if it were recorded today. Over the years the lineup has had some changes with lead singer & keyboardist Dennis DeYoung leaving several years ago. Drummer John Panozzo passed away while illness eventually kept bassist Chuck Panozzo from the rigors of touring. This left the band with Tommy Shaw and James Young as the only original members of the lineup. However, the two guitarists were not to let Styx and their music fall by the wayside as they filled in the spaces with some incredibly talented people. On drums came Todd Sucherman while bass would be handled by Ricky Phillips. Lead vocals and keyboards was now the task of Lawrence Gowan who is a capable man indeed in both of these areas.
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