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“The Streetwalker Hard Drive” by Think Tank Photo

Logo - Think Tank Photo

The readers of our PiercingMetal Musings Product Reviews might remember that I discussed the “Urban Disguise 30” in this area several months ago and for those that don’t – it was a product review of a very stylish photography equipment carry bag that came courtesy of the folks over at Think Tank Photo. The bag was perfect for those photographers who had the bare essentials in terms of the gear they were trekking around with and towards the tail end of the product dialogue I mused aloud about how if you were one of those who carried a lot more stuff than someone like me did – that perhaps you needed to look into a different type of bag to serve your purposes. Now while I cannot take credit for instilling the ideas in the company’s head about this additional spacing thought it does seem that the timing was rather fortuitous as they deliver what they call “The Streetwalker Hard Drive” backpack to the consumer. I got my eager editorial hands on one of these backpacks recently and dug into it to see just how it would work out for those of you who had read my Urban Disguise 30 piece and crossed their fingers about something just a wee bit larger for your use. Let’s get down to business shall we…..”The “StreetWalker Backpack” is exactly what it sounds like and is a line of sturdy, school bag type carry all of your gear holder and depending on which model you opt to purchase offers up varying sized spaces inside for you to bring your business of photography out into the world. The model that I am reviewing is called the “Streetwalker Hard Drive” because it is large enough to fit a 15” laptop in one of its pouches and offers said device sufficient protection. Below you will find a graphic of the whole bag and see how the laptop fits snugly inside.

Streetwalker Hard Drive Main View
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