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“Still Reigning” (re-issue) by Slayer

Artist: Slayer
Title: “Still Reigning”
Label: Columbia Records
Release Date: 8/17/2010
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 3.75/5

Much like the “War At The Warfield” film by Slayer, the “Still Reigning” DVD has also been reissued for the masses to consume and since we compiled our thoughts about it when it was initially released in 2004 I have slightly modified that text to be more current and re-present it to you below:

Out of print for a few years now, Slayer has once again released their great DVD entitled “Still Reigning”. It was initially delivered to their maniacal fan base in 2004 and at the time was only preceded by the bands first official DVD film “War At The Warfield” in 2003. From the onset there are a few stand out points to be aware of which I think all of the bands fans will enjoy. The main and probably most important fact is how this will mark the first official release that features original drummer Dave Lombardo. He rejoined the lineup as a permanent member in 2003 replacing Paul Bostaph who had served well in this role for a number of years. Bostaph’s injury prevented further work with the band and who better to replace the replacement but the original. Since the time of this film I have gotten to enjoy Paul’s playing in Testament where he is a perfect fit but with no offense to Paul, Slayer is at is Metal best with Dave on the skins. Some fans might have already enjoyed a film with Dave on drums but that item was featured as a part of the career spanning boxed-set “Soundtrack To The Apocalypse” exclusively. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to shell out almost $100 to get it, even though I recommend that they do. The next stand out piece is the fact that the album “Reign In Blood” is performed in it’s entirety from beginning to end. For many Metal fans this album is considered to be a seminal work in the bands catalog and one can only imagine just what it does to a ravenous audience that gets to hear it performed to completion. This is a great new way to enjoy a truly killer album, and no matter if your favorite is “Angel Of Death”, “Raining Blood”, or “Piece By Piece” it will throttle you until the finish without question.. If you were a fan that is old enough or had been following the band around the time of this actual tour which was the “Jaegermeister Music Tour” of 2003; you will remember how the “Reign In Blood” album was performed as the encore to the bands set. At the final number which was “Raining Blood” the band, the stage and all the amplifiers were doused in “blood” as the closer. You would have gotten a lot of this on you as well had you been close enough to the action.
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“Still Reigning” [DVD] by Slayer

Artist: Slayer
Title: “Still Reigning”
Label: American Recordings
Release Date: 10/2004
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

Slayer has released a great new DVD entitled “Still Reigning”. There are a couple of stand out points to this release which follows the recent “War At The Warfield” of last year. For starters this is the first official release that will feature original drummer Dave Lombardo who has rejoined the band as a permanent member since 2003. With no offense to Paul Bostaph, Slayer is at is metal best with Dave on the skins. There is a DVD included in the career expansive boxed-set “Soundtrack To The Apocalypse” but not everyone is going to spend $100 in order to get it (I recommend they do however). The second stand out piece is the fact that the album “Reign In Blood” is performed from start to finish. Many people regard this as a seminal piece in the Slayer catalog. They are not wrong in that for this is the home of not only the title track, but also “Piece By Piece” as well as “Angel Of Death” and many more.
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