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Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited @ Beacon Theatre

Steve Hackett will bring the early years of Genesis to life in NYC with the help of a stellar band. You don’t want to miss this one.

Steve Hackett @ The Cutting Room

The Legendary Steve Hackett will participate in a “Backstory” event presented by Guitar World. Music and conversation are par for the course and be aware that the Cutting Room requires a $20 minimum food and beverage charge on top of your ticket price.

Steve Hackett @ Playstation Theater

The legendary Steve Hackett will bring Genesis classics to life along with solo material. You don’t want to miss this one.

playstation theater logo bw

PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2013: The Concerts

At this point in time do I really need to say that I see a lot of concerts during the course of the year? I hope not because this one of the key factors that makes up my daily life as founder of the PiercingMetal brand. That said ?I wanted to once again use the Official Blog for the site to highlight a number of the shows that I attended during 2013 that I felt were the absolute best experiences. They’re not really in order of impact or importance but there are a few at the top that did hit me the hardest. Here we go.

1. Metallica @ The Apollo Theater: Thrashing like a maniac in Harlem? Yeah that happened. Classic set and free beer for the whole show. No complaints here.

2. Kamelot @ Stage 48: Returning to the headlining stage with Delain as support and Eklipse. This was a righteous show for sure. My belief in this band was reinforced yet again. I was not surprised in this.

3. Eddie Trunk 30th Anniversary Bash: Another one that I was super fortunate to participate in because an all-star jam with members of KISS, Overkill, Twisted Sister, Accept, Anthrax, Stryper, Guns n Roses and so many more is just impossible to qualify as being “an okay time”. This was insanity.

4. Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ Prudential Center: The final go round for the “Lost Christmas Eve” tour premise. Always a bombastic spectacle that needs seeing for believing.

5. Rock Allegiance Tour w/Volbeat & HIM @ Williamsburg Park: Two excellent main acts and solid support from All That Remains. Whew. Exciting for Brooklyn and you know how we roll in this borough.
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Renaissance @ Rockefeller Park (6/23/2010)

Renaissance had returned to NYC once again and was performing in Rockefeller Park as part of the River To River Festival.  This free outdoor concert was going to pair them up with the legendary Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis) and I could think of no two acts that would fit together so well.  Click the bands logo below to read the full article on the main PiercingMetal.com site.  We have tons of photos of both performers that we think you will enjoy very much.

Logo - Renaissance

Artist: Renaissance
Venue: Rockefeller Park (New York, NY)
Opener: Steve Hackett
Date: 6/23/2010
Label: Independent Artist

Tonight promised to be a very cool evening even though the summer heat was blazing down upon us and holding firm at just over 90 degrees. The show that was happening would be one that would close out my almost daily attendance of killer shows that had been happening around the city over the last several days. This evening was more of a Progressive meets Classical Art Rock night but I had started out my adventures with the likes of Pestilence, a legendary Technical Death Metal band from the Netherlands and followed their show with a little big of Gregg Rolie Band, Winger, Three Friends and Uriah Heep………whew. It makes me tired just mentally revisiting it. The event on the musical menu tonight would be held down in beautiful Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City and this outdoor event was a part of the River To River Festival that was sponsored by American Express. It’s nice to find such a major company doing its best to deliver free music to the fans during these trying economic times and this pairing was certainly something very interesting to be a part of because the show found the legendary Classical Art Rock band Renaissance performing with the equally legendary Steve Hackett from Genesis. The idea that these two great talents were going to present music to their fans in this wonderful setting was very simply awesome. Here is how the night went for those who did not make it down to the show.
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