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Stone Sour Unveil 2017 Fall Tour Dates

The email with the poster got right to the point with very limited discourse and with that being the case I am just sharing the brightly colored posted that showcases the upcoming Fall tour by the guys in Stone Sour. Check it out below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I love the two main bands on this go round I don’t see myself getting out to any of the shows based on logistics. It would be great to live the life of just jet-setting around the nation to see shows wouldn’t it but alas…..real life. Anyway, I digress. This is surely going to be a good one and a lot of fun so I wonder what you readers think and if you will be catching any of the appearances. Let me know down in the comments section below.

Official Websites:
Stone Sour: http://www.stonesour.com
Steel Panther: http://www.steelpantherrocks.com
Man With A Mission: http://mwamofficial.com/
Beartooth: https://www.beartooth.com/

Steel Panther @ Starland Ballroom

Steel Panther @ Irving Plaza

Steel Panther has returned to the East Coast and will be celebrating the release of their brand new album “Lower The Bar”. You don’t want to miss out on the fun at their shows if you know what’s good for you.

Steel Panther Announces “2017 Girls In A Row” Tour

It’s been a bit of time since we’ve seen Steel Panther around these parts and that fast made the tour announcement from the other day bring me a smile. I think the last time that I saw them was with the opening slot for Judas Priest. twill be releasing Lower The Bar on March 24th via Kobalt Music Recordings, and they’ve just announced new tour dates in support of the upcoming record. The heavy metallers will be heading out in April for the “2017 Girls In A Row Tour,” and like all of their shows, it will be a party.

It’s been a bit of time since we’ve seen Steel Panther around these parts and that found me smiling almost immediately after hearing the announcement. I think the last time that I saw them was with the opening slot for Judas Priest on their “Redeemer Of Souls” tour. That was many levels of interesting for sure. The bands tour looks to begin almost immediately after the release of their latest album called “Lower The Bar”. I’ve only heard the first single from the album and think it will appeal to the bands worldwide fans. The new tour has a great title and it’s called the “2017 Girls In A Row Tour,” and its probably safe to assume that these shows will be like a couple of hours in Animal House. The bands official statement follows:

“The 2017 Girls In A Row Tour kicks off April 5th in Philly!! We’ve got a trunk load of Viagra so, grab your mom and get your asses out to the party!! Tickets on sale FRIDAY!”

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“Sexy Santa” (Single) by Steel Panther

Artist: Steel Panther
Title: “Sexy Santa” (Single)
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 11/23/2009
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

With Christmas right around the corner I found myself looking for some other seasonal tracks to discuss and I was feeling like someone who should be on the naughty list when I realized that I had never before heard the Steel Panther original track “Sexy Santa”. It surprised me since I have been following the band since the release of their debut album “Feel The Steel” back in 2009 but with this kind of specialty tune its better late than never. Now, check those stockings at the mantelpiece and listen to my thoughts err read my thoughts about the “Sexy Santa” single by the Glam Rockers.
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