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“Stay Wild” by Syka

Artist: Syka
Title: “Stay Wild”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 7/17/2015
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

I’ve had the Syka “Stay Wild” EP on my to do list for a little longer than I planned and as someone who has seen the group in action on the live stage a handful of times by now felt that I should throw together some thoughts about this rather solid offering. For those still new to the name, Syka is a young up and coming Hard Rock band from the New Jersey side of the metropolitan area and I should let you know that they refer to their sound as “Dark Glam”. After spinning the CD a few times I’ll totally agree with that but of course Hard Rock works pretty well too. Fronted by the talented and beautiful Jesyka, the band delivers a power packed punch that quickly makes you realize that this group means business and is willing to deliver a solid product to your musical mind. It all starts off with “Shock Me” where we get some slower textures in the track until it kicks in with a crescendo that truly showcases the register that Jesyka possesses along with a crunching riff from guitarist Greg Sgar. “Stay Wild” would follow this and struck me as the kind of song that one might expect to hear in a movie soundtrack since it’s a fast paced and just made me think of the band playing on a stage at some venue while the cast did their stuff around them. That might sound strange but in any case it was during this one that I found myself tapping the table and singing along to the words that I knew.
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Syka @ The Studio at Webster Hall

CD - Syka - Stay Wild

Syka will host the ‘Stay Wild’ EP Release Party tonight. DJ’s and sideshow stuff will enhance the mood of the night.