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PiercingMetal Goes To Paul Stanley’s “Face The Music” Signing (4/7/2014)

Hey my fiends, so Paul Stanley was signing copies of his brand new Harper One biography “Face The Music: A Life Exposed” last night at the Barnes & Noble down on Warren Street in Downtown Manhattan and with my being the KISS fan that I am, I just had to set some time aside to head down there to be a part of the assembled KISS Army. Check out the cover of the book below.

The sign at the store told those planning on attending and the passerby about the event this evening and as you can see Paul was NOT going to be signing anything other than the book. Sometimes fans show up with tons of memorabilia which slows the process down quite a bit.

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Tonight: Paul Stanley Signs “Face The Music” @ Barnes & Noble NYC (4/7/2014)

In just a few short days, Paul Stanley and the rest of the members of the original KISS lineup will be officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the ceremony being held at the Barclay’s Center. Now since he is going to be in the city, why not sign copies of his brand new book “Face The Music: A Life Exposed” at the Tribeca Barnes and Noble. Yeah you read that right. Paul Stanley is signing books tonight at 6pm at the Tribeca Barnes and Noble. Check out the cool cover below.

Book - Paul Stanley - Face The Music
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Happy Birthday To Paul Stanley, The Star Child!!!

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On behalf of the readers of the PiercingMetal site and myself, I would like to extend a very “Happy Birthday” wish to Mr. Paul Stanley, one of the greatest front men that Hard Rock music has ever had in its corner.  The singer turns “61” today if you can believe it.  Sixty one and still entertaining the masses like never before.  Ahhh the magic of KISS and their larger than life personas and sound.


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Happy 40th Anniversary to KISS!!!! (1/30/1973-1/30/2013)

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the first gig of the legendary KISS; Yep, on this day back in January of 1973, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley performed together under this name for a mere handful of people at a place known as the Popcorn Club. This venue would later be renamed to The Coventry which is very familiar to those who know their KISStory. The band wore garish makeup and each of them was a character of their own design with The Demon, The Starchild, The Cat and the Space Ace and it was a shock to the Rock and Roll system of the time when they all appeared together in this manner.
kiss logo
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“Paul Stanley Solo” (remaster) by KISS

Artist: KISS: Paul Stanley
Title: “Paul Stanley – Solo” (remaster)
Label: Mercury/Universal
Release Date: 9/16/1997
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 9/10

In 1978, KISS did the unthinkable and released solo albums for each individual member of the group. It allowed the band to showcase what drove them musically on an individual level. Paul Stanley had a number of things going for him on his solo that set him apart from the other members very quickly. The first was his being the “voice of KISS” to most of the world and this instantly recognizable sound immediately had his album referred to as the most “KISS-like”. As you listen, you will find this vocally as well as musically across the majority of the recording. Ace Frehley had given us the most technically musical and heaviest of the solos while Gene gave the most experimental; Peter’s would be the most out in left field. Of the four releases, owning the Paul and Ace album would be the safest bet for most listeners especially the casual listener. Paul also had some killer musicians joining him for the recording of his album, among them Bob Kulick (guitar) and Carmine Appice (drums). Kulick was a name that often came up as the recording guitarist on a number of KISS classics despite who is listed as doing it while Carmine is a legend in the drumming world and certainly not a slouch in that department. The amount of hit material present on Paul’s solo made me wonder why Ace had the only stand out song of the four releases. Songs like “Move On” and “It’s Alright” were rocking, and yet radio-friendly for the time of their release. Blockbuster Rock power was delivered on some of the songs especially on “Tonight You Belong To Me” and “Take Me Away”. During these memorable tracks, we find Paul at his vocal best giving you both passion and power. I consider these the most stand-out of the entire recording despite my leaning to this whole album as a favorite. There were also a couple that would have been great KISS songs if they had been submitted as such; I found this to be the case with “Love In Chains” and “Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me”.
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