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“Stage Fright” by Motorhead

Artist: Motorhead
Title: “Stage Fright”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 1/10/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 9/10

For thirty-years Motorhead has proven to audiences that a Metal Rock band does not need to be over the top technically and instead be simple, catchy and very, very LOUD. Those that have seen Motorhead in concert know that all these traits are tried and true and as a memento of their tour in support of “Inferno” Lemmy and Company have unleashed “Stage fright” upon the world. While the album for this tour was on Sanctuary Records, we find the DVD released by SPV Records and those who have seen recent products of this nature know that SPV really knows how to give you a good value for the money. The double DVD set includes the full concert (and being someone who attended a recent show this is to the song just minus the Mikkey Dee drum solo) as well as a second DVD loaded with bonus features. The concert itself is full of classic numbers and even a couple of obscure and hardly played ones. In addition to the fan favorites of “Ace Of Spades”, “Killed By Death”, and “Iron Fist” Lemmy hits the audience with selections from “Another Perfect Day” which he reminds the audience was their least enjoyed album in the public eye. Two numbers appear from this album and seem to go over well after the years had passed by. Besides the classics or staple favorites I was happy to see “RAMONES” and “Going To Brazil” as I personally find those very fun numbers in the live sense. There is also a fair sampling of the “Inferno” album which is a “must buy” if you are a fan. The band has not sounded this good on record in years in my humble opinion. I was lucky to catch the final US appearance of the guys for this tour and for a change I got to see “Overkill”. You see the band used strobes for the entire song and in the club setting it made watching the band almost unbearable. I remember walking through the crowd that night to find friends and it felt like I was moving in slow motion. It was one of my many memories from a truly kick ass rock and roll show.
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