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Presenting PiercingMetal’s “2019 Wrapped” in Spotify

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Hey there my friends, so we’ve arrived at the time of the year where the Music Streaming service Spotify, allows you to see a rundown of your activity from the current year. Since December is already underway and I don’t see any dramatic usage changes affecting this all that much so I’ve run their analytics and am sharing the results down below with you all. I’ll speak a little about each image because I am not 100% behind the results and I wonder how they showed like they did. Let’s go.

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The begin with the seasons and Winter kicks us off. I know that I listened to the New Years Day song since I reviewed it (right HERE actually), and I don’t recall why but I did look up the classic by Moving Pictures a few times. I think I had heard a terrible cover of this song and decided to stream the original in Spotify. They also show a podcast that my friend at Ghost Cult Magazine is often involved in and my listening to that was to hear what he had to add to the mix. I do not specifically listen or even participate in podcasts.
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Spotify Transports NYC Commuters to Mars with Immersive David Bowie Subway Takeover

This news was making the rounds yesterday afternoon so I made sure it would be one of the first things you would see from us today. Check it out, as its pretty darned cool.

The Press Release:
Although he hailed from London, music icon David Bowie spent the majority of his life living in, and falling for, New York City. After moving across the pond, he was welcomed to the City with open arms, and soon came to call himself a New Yorker. In the way that Bowie discovered his adopted city, Spotify is giving music lovers the opportunity to go on a journey through the immersive David Bowie Subway Takeover exploring the musician’s influence on music, fashion, culture, and the city that he loved.

David Bowie is, organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, has been up since March at the Brooklyn Museum and honors Bowie’s life, art, and work. In a larger-than-life extension of the exhibition, Spotify is transforming New York City’s Broadway-Lafayette subway station into an underground takeover that pays tribute to the legendary works and sensational life of the musical icon. Fans and visitors can be awed while exploring the Broadway-Lafayette station from Tuesday, April 17 until Sunday, May 13.
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Presenting PiercingMetal’s “2017 Wrapped” in Spotify

It was only a few days ago that I learned how users could generate their “2017 Wrapped” in the Spotify streaming service and since I’ve been a several years deep user of this music application I figured “why not”. When you visit the Wrapped link, it connects to your profile and determines a number of interesting criteria based on what you listened to over the course of the year. It shows you a whole litany of things and I took screenshots of them all to work out on a fun post over on “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” lifestyle website that I also maintain. Since my profile in Spotify was created using “PiercingMetal” as an ID, I figured I should show you the rundown of what the end result was. Take a look at the photo below.

If you want to see the WHOLE bunch of secured images and some thoughts on them, please click on THIS LINK to be transported to my little editorial on The Chronicles. The image below does have some discrepancies since while everything listed was given a listen to, a couple of the presented ones were only one or two tracks for a quick repeat listen and nothing over the top. Thanks for listening and for checking out the full on narrative over on the Lifestyle site, its always fun to entertain my Metal and Geek community with that outlet when its possible. The full narrative also has my most played tracks in a Playlist, but I will link that for you HERE as well just in case you are too busy to read the other post. I welcome all to follow our profile but will warn that I do not always listen to Metal music. Sometimes there are some really weird aural cravings that need to be indulged and Spotify greatly assists in them LOL. To get your own 2017 Wrapped or to create a Spotify account in the first place just use the links below. Until next time.

Official Links:
Spotify: http://www.spotify.com
2017 Wrapped: http://www.2017wrapped.com

Spotify Arrives In The USA – Is This Good or Bad For The Music We Love?

A couple of months ago, I had attended a Blog Conference with our own Skeleton Pete and we met two nice girls from Finland during one of the rest breaks from the adventuring.  The obvious discussion of music came up given the nature of what Pete and I do and these girls country and then one of them showed us her Spotify account. While I had not yet heard of it, Peter had, and what it amounts to is another music streaming service such as the once discussed on the PiercingMetal Blog Amazon cloud, the ICloud and the Google Music Player.  Whew, its now officially getting a little difficult to keep up with these based on the amount that keep popping up for us to examine.  I bet you readers thought you already had your hands full with the constant shift in Social Networking outlets didn’t you?  Welcome this new medium to the mix and one that clearly will not be going away any time soon.


Continuing along, this service is now available in the USA and is no longer only there for the European side of the Atlantic.  Some of you just got very excited about this I am sure.  Much like the other streaming services available to the public this DRM medium offers a number of different plans.  Once you get an account set up you need to download the software to your computer and then you can browse through millions of tracks.  You can set up an unlimited usage plan for about $10 a month or stick with the economy flavored free plan like I will plan on doing.  Personally I don’t need this since I get my new music serviced to me digitally by those who wish me to review it and have built an incredible music library over the years since becoming a music scribe.  You might be of the same mindset thanks to the financial state that most of us are in but be aware that if you plan on using Spotify on your mobile device (Smartphone and Tablet etc) that you will need a paid for premium account.  Mog works the same way if I am not mistaken.  I use Mog very sparingly in my reporting outlet and only moderately when it comes to researching music while some of my friends are absolutely taken to the moon by the service and what it provides.

So the question remains about whether or not this is good for the music industry and the bands that folks like us are all trying to support with our efforts in photography and writing.  If their work is paid for after numerous downloads or plays then yes this is fantastic but if it is not a fair exchange then I guess it is not.  You will have to be the judge on that.  It does look like everything will soon be going to digital route as shelf space for CD’s is almost non-existent in brick and mortar stores leaving only online outlets like Amazon.com and CD Baby the means to get an actual CD.

Click the logo above to access their site and to begin the process of setting up an account if you have interest in doing so.  If you want to learn more about the Spotify company brand just click their Wikipedia entry HERE.