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Image Comics Will Reprint “Splitting Image” For 25th Anniversary

Image Comics fans who’ve been reading their titles for a long, long, long time might remember this original issuing of “Splitting Image” and if not, you will get your chance to finally enjoy this parody as it receives a reprinting on the company’s 25th Anniversary. Dig into the press release and the cover image below. I’ll close out with added editorial notes.

The Press Release:
Image Comics is pleased to present the never-before-reprinted parody of the company’s formation—SPLITTING IMAGE. This 80-page title by Don Simpson with with colors by Hilary Jenkins, skewers the Image Comics company formation and pokes fun at the artists who founded it.

“We thought the occasion of our 25th Anniversary was as good a time as any to revisit our past with tongue planted firmly in cheek and sense of humor in tact!” said co-founder and Image Comics partner and Vice-President Jim Valentino. “A piece of history at your fingertips (now go wash your hands!)”
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