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Marvel Announces The Return Of “Marvel Treasury Edition”

Hey readers of the illustrated page, I just received this cool bit of news from the fine folks at Marvel Comics and just had to share it with you. Apparently, we shall soon see the return of the Marvel Treasury Editions. Dig in.

The Press Release:
The Triumphant Return of the MARVEL TREASURY EDITION! – SPIDEY Vol. 1 Coming in Oversized Treasury Edition Format!

New York, NY—February 5th, 2016—Swing into action True Believer and witness the return of the famous Marvel Treasury Edition! Gone from comic shops for nearly 35 years, be there as this long-lost format makes its big comeback with SPIDEY: ALL-NEW TREASURY EDITION VOL. 1! Presented in an oversized tabloid size format, this can’t miss tome collects the first five issues of Robbie Thompson and Nick Bradshaw’s hit series SPIDEY! Prepare for a webslinging Spider-Man experience like no other when the oversized adventures of teenage Peter Parker are released this June!

“Nick Bradshaw’s work on SPIDEY practically leaps off the page,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “We knew we had to do something special for fans of this series. And since Robbie Thompson does such a wonderful job of capturing the early days of Peter Parker’s super hero career, we though SPIDEY was the perfect title to bring back this classic comic format.”
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Marvel Comics First Issues Coming In December 2015

If you thought you were being given a breather after the Marvel Comics first issue assault that came in November, then I suggest you close this posting or hit back and look at something else because there are a lot of new titles launching this month as well. The only upside is that there are not as many as we found in November since that was one expensive month. Below you’ll find the covers and some insight along with the creative teams involved which all comes from the Marvel Comics press side. As always I will return at the close to let you know what I think about this months run of titles. Here we go.

Comic - A-Force 1 - 2015
“A-Force” #1

A-Force #1: A-Force, Assemble! From the ashes of Battleworld, Marvel’s newest hero Singularity has risen and entered the Marvel Universe. But she didn’t make the journey alone. To combat the most fearsome threats from across the multiverse, Singularity will summon the world’s mightiest team of Avengers to her side: She-Hulk. Captain Marvel. Dazzler. Medusa. Nico Minoru. Together, they are A FORCE to be reckoned with!

G. Willow Wilson (W) • Jorge Molina (A/C)
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“Amazing Fantasy” #15 & Spider-Man Celebrate 50 Years (1962-2012)

Has it been fifty years already?

Comic - Amazing Fantasy 15

Hey there my fine feathered comic book fans; so in answer to my own question up above, yes it is because believe it or not we are at the 50th Anniversary of the very first appearance of the one and only Amazing Spider-Man who began his adventures in “Amazing Fantasy” #15. The issue was actually the very last one for the title and Spider-Man would get his own book in the early months of 1963 and while I will do a posting about that when the time is right, I did want to raise a glass to toast such an anniversary for this fantastic super-hero. According to the Wikipedia page for the title, writer Stan Lee was given the go ahead to run the story about this unusual hero since the book was going to be cancelled anyway and it was felt that they would not lose anything by publishing it. Pretty funny to see how this idea actually panned out in the end. Spider-Man’s origin story did not run the full issue of the comic book but instead only a few pages and while its interior art was done by the great Steve Ditko, the cover was actually penciled by Jack Kirby and inked by Ditko. For those who might be wondering, this first appearance is valued at around 1 million dollars in Near Mint condition. That is amazing without a doubt.
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