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Watching King Diamond’s “Songs For The Dead Live” @ Saint Vitus Bar (2/6/2019)

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Last night, Metal Blade Records and Metal Injection hosted a screening party at the famed Saint Vitus Bar where those in attendance would be able to enjoy the brand-new King Diamond video release “Songs For The Dead Live”. The event was open to the general public and featured plenty of fans and assorted press and media entities.

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After some quick welcomes by Injection’s Frank Godla, the attendees got to meet Denise Korycki who shot, directed and produced the live release. This must have been some undertaking because the King show is not just him standing in front of you, and instead he is everywhere on this elaborate and very visual setting. Denise lined out a few of the details about such an effort and she was joined by “Abigail” herself. When she is offstage she goes by Jodi Cachia. Saint Vitus Bar is pretty dark and I just snapped this shot with my mobile to have a moment of them talking to the audience.
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PiercingMetal Hits “Wicked Threads/What’s Next Shoes” Fashion Show (10/4/2009)

Today was the day of the annual Bay Ridge “Third Avenue Festival” and this event brings hundreds upon hundreds of vendors to the area and several thousand visitors to our streets all in search of bargains, good eats and entertainment. Depending on what you like to eat, you can find pretty much of everything along the two mile span that the festival runs based on the area’s own restaurants and if you are a fan of the standard sausage and pepper hero that you find at every single festival well there were plenty of those folks as well selling the stuff as they are apt to do time and time again. There are plenty of bars and many offering up music that spanned the Rock and Pop genre while hair salons and clothing stores seemed to cater to having DJ’s in front of their establishments. Today’s adventure for me was based on my learning that Suicide City’s own Jennifer Arroyo or Ms. Jenncity to use her nom de guerre, would be hosting a fashion show down at the What’s Next show store located on 3rd Avenue between Bay Ridge Parkway and Ovington Avenue. It was a nice afternoon and I felt it would be fun to see Jenn acting as emcee instead of throttling her bass guitar for a change, so I wrapped up the PiercingMetal camera and headed on down to the store.

wicked threads fashion show, wicked threads fashion show photos, bay ridge third avenue festival, what's next shoes

I arrived to the store just in time to find Ms. Jenncity preparing notes for the models that were already changed and ready to rock the socks of the festival attendees.

Ms Jenncity Preps The Show
Ms Jenncity Preps The Show

What’s Next is a shoe store and while I am not a study of what is good and bad for that kind of stuff I had to say that everything I saw looked pretty nice. My guess is that any number of my female friends would have a field day in the place and spend some cold hard cash. Joining them for the fashion show would be Wicked Threads, a company that offers up some really interesting designs on their shirts. The girls and guys would be wearing both the Wicked clothes and the What’s Next shoes out on the runway that had been set up.

wicked threads fashion show, wicked threads fashion show photos, bay ridge third avenue festival, what's next shoes
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KISS’ “Symphony: Alive IV” CD Release/Fan Meet and Greet (7/23/2003)

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Artist: KISS
Venue: Best Buy – 86th Street (New York, NY)
Event: “Symphony: Alive IV” CD Release/Meet and Greet
Date: 7/23/2003
Label: Sanctuary Records

Earlier this year when it was announced that KISS was going to do a concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra I said “oh great, KISS is following in the footsteps of Metallica & the Scorpions” who had each released a similar effort over the past years. Who ever would have guessed it? Certainly not me but despite my reservations about it I had to admit that the idea was a little more intriguing when I took the time to think it over. This is primarily due to the fact that when it comes down to the brass tacks; KISS will always deliver no matter what the skeptics will say. This case would be no different as I would later find out once I had time to absorb the release after a couple of spins.

The CD for KISS Symphony: Alive IV” arrived here in the States back in July and to celebrate it there was a promotion from a mass retailer called Best Buy which said to come in and purchase the CD on the day of its release and not only get a signed copy, but also the chance to get to meet the band who would be in full makeup and even get your photo taken with them. There were two editions of the CD being released that day and one was a standard type and another would be a limited edition deluxe version that was housed in a beautiful douoble-gatefold package with raised, embossed lettering.
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The Screening Of: KISS “Symphony: Alive IV” @ Regal Cinemas (9/9/2003)

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Artist: KISS
Venue: Regal Theater’s (New York, NY)
Event: “Symphony: Alive IV” Theatrical Presentation
Date: 9/9/2003
Label: Sanctuary Records

It was only a few months earlier when I had found myself on line at a Best Buy in the city to not only purchase a copy of the newest CD by KISS, but also to get a chance to pose for a photograph with them. I still laugh at how much of a fan boy I become when it concerns anything about this band but they have always been able to remain one of my favorites for many, many years. Who could blame me about this because when the fans had purchased the CD they would be able to get their copy signed as well, or at least what we found out when we did this was that the signed inserts were given to you as you hit the cash register. By now all the readers and KISS fans around the globe are aware that the album “KISS: Symphony Alive IV” captured the band in concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the CD kicked many different levels of ass when it came down to it. It is a sure fire recommendation to any existing KISS fan and even those who just want a superb live album. That event was discussed HERE for the interested to observe.
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