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Power Trip Announces North American Headlining Tour

Well, I’m practically thawed out from the recent below freezing temperatures that were hitting NYC and the surrounding areas and fortunately during the lock down it imposed, the news about releases and tours kept on coming. Here is the latest skinny from the band Power Trip who will be heading out on a lengthy headlining run.

power trip, tour posters

The Press Release:
POWER TRIP and SHEER MAG team up this May/June for what is sure to be a wild and unforgettable run through North America — rounding out an impressive year for both bands.

POWER TRIP’s breakthrough album, Nightmare Logic, earned an overwhelming amount of love across the board, ranging in praise from The New Yorker to a Pitchfork ‘Best New Music’ to numerous Top 10 Record of the Year lists. They were awarded the Best Metal Album of the Year from Loudwire and song placement in the WWE.

SHEER MAG’s politically charged, debut full-length Need To Feel Your Love also turned heads. Rolling Stone describes, “Explosive riffing and seemingly encyclopedic grasp of popular music styles – a typical Sheer Mag song crams a compendium of classic-rock, power-pop and garage-punk ideas.” NPR claims their music is “not only a lesson in listening and learning from rock ‘n’ roll masters, but from our humanity.”

Fury and Red Death top off the bill. Check below for a full list of dates (more TBA) and media. All tickets are onsale this Friday
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SUNN O))) Announces US Live Actions For 2016

Logo - Sunn O)))

I’m constantly trying to keep our readers in the aware when it comes to the touring bands that are out there because with legends like Black Sabbath heading towards their final shows, the fans are going to need to start looking into other groups. It’s also a great time to explore the different avenues taken by some bands to learn just how extraordinary the selection is, That said here is the latest information on the Experimental Drone group SUNN O)))

Tour - Sunn O - 2016

The Press Release:
SUNN O))) has just announced a series of US tour dates for the Spring months, including several massive festival performances.

Following the band’s run through Australia, with shows in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne in mid-March, SUNN O))) will tour though the Southern US in April. First, the band will perform at Big Ears Fest in Knoxville on April 2nd, appearing as one of the main acts alongside the likes of Yo La Tengo, Sun Ra Arkestra, Andrew Bird, Wolf Eyes, and more. The festival will be immediately followed by shows in Nashville, Athens, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Tampa through April 8th. Later that month, SUNN O))) will travel to Austin to take part in Levitation 2016, playing Saturday, April 30th with Brian Wilson, Animal Collective, The Black Angels, Boris, Sleep, The Thurston Moore Group, and countless more.
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Black Cobra Confirms Month-Long Summer/Fall US Tour With Support From Lo Pan

Okay so now that PiercingMetal.com is using WordPress for pretty much everything, I am hoping to get more “Upcoming Tour” features presented to you readers. Consider these sort of narratives my “PSA” or PiercingMetal Service Announcements hahahaha. Now being serious, a little awareness about an upcoming tour is never a bad thing and with that being said here is the latest announcement from the folks handling Black Cobra who will be touring for a month at the end of this August.


The Press Release:
BLACK COBRA today announces a more than month-long US Tour, set to begin in late August and running into the beginning of October.

With thirty-two cities confirmed to endure the BLACK COBRA live treatment at press time, the actions begin in Phoenix, Arizona on August 28th, then spiraling though the Southeast, up the East Coast and back across the country in a downward slash on their way back to their Bay Area homelands. Direct support for BLACK COBRA on all dates will be provided by Ohio riff rock quartet, Lo Pan.
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“Through Thick Fog Till Death” by Urgehal

Artist: Urgehal
Title: “Through Thick Fog Till Death”
Label: Southern Lord Music
Release Date: 2/22/2005
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 6/10

When I first received this CD, I expected a typical run of the mill blasting of Black Metal; but as I listened to the recording I found a few solid points that even I could enjoy as the non-discerning Black Metal fan. Urgehal is definitely a band that is trying to keep the Black Metal style as real and as pure as they can. There are sufficient references to the Dark Powers in their lyrical content and little modification of the blistering speed that is often required to maintain such a band. Their look is intense and perhaps a little too much so; even though Black Metal determines you must be imposing, one does not want to look ridiculous. Enzifer has more spikes coming out of him than Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies does, and I cannot imagine this is an easy look to deal with on the performance stage. Most of the album holds a steady yet solid direction and can be thought of as a heavier, more talented Mayhem. There are no keyboard flourishes that one finds in Dimmu Borgir, but some fans of the genre are no longer considering them much of a Black Metal band these days. I enjoyed a few tracks even though the lyrical matter escaped me. “Invasion” had a lot of Celtic Frost feel to it and songs like “Raise The Symbols Of Satan” rushed by like a Black Metal version of Poland’s Behemoth. It can’t hurt being referenced in a sense to those giants of Metal. The group is made up of Trondr Nefas (guitar/voice), Enzifer (guitar), Sregroth (bass) and Uruz (drums). Southern Lord has given fans of this genre a worthy addition to their collections and I feel those that partake in this end of the Metal spectrum will find it meets their approval. Proving their dedication to the audience, the album was issued with 4 bonus live tracks that were previously not issued. It’s Norwegian Black Metal at its blasphemous best with both sides of the coin being brought into their homes. The band also showcases levels of musical discipline not often associated with the style. They mix it up and change the tempos more than one will usually find. Lyrics and photos are included in the black and white booklet that runs 12 pages of evil for you to absorb. Each song, while on the short side, still gets to the point and assaults the senses like you expect Black Metal to do. While not exactly the level of Morbid Angel, at least it’s not Gorgoroth.
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“1” and “Dog Days” by Goatsnake

Artist: Goatsnake
Title: “I” & “Dog Days”
Label: Southern Lord
Release Date: 9/21/2004
Genre: Doom Metal
Rating: 7/10

As I listened to Goatsnake, I was convinced that if Black Sabbath started today that they would be considered a Stoner/Doom Metal band instead of the Fathers Of Heavy Metal that they became. Goatsnake is so influenced by the Sabbath sound that you almost feel as though you are listening to rough demos of the band or unreleased tracks. Solid from top to bottom, this album takes two of the band’s long out of print releases and gives them to you in one handy CD. The guitars buzz and drone along with a steady pulse, while the drums thud like you are in the studio listening to them perform. The members of the band include Greg Rogers (drums), Guy Pinnas (bass), Pete Stahl (vocals/harp), and Greg Anderson (guitars). Anderson is also the founder of Southern Lord records and a member of Sunn 0))). The music of Goatsnake is more traditional than that of his other band, and far less experimental. Stoner/Doom Metal is rising in popularity and it’s interesting to see in a time when Progressive nature seems to be taking control more and more. Back-to-basics traditionalism is more the way of Stoner Metal, and in this capacity Goatsnake surely delivers. I had no real favorites offhand but enjoyed the full flow of the album itself. There is a certain head-banging in each of the tunes across the span of the record. The lyrics are included for you to enjoy on a 4 page foldout, but I have to admit I found it difficult to read based on the black and gold color scheme. This is a great CD for those that love the simple groove and heavy drone of Sabbath-styled riffing and lyrical content. Get trampled by the Goatsnake.
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