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Win To See Soulfly In NYC On 10/16/2013

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The Details: Max Cavalera has been a leading force for Metal music for many years with his earliest contributions in Sepultura to when he left the band and started Soulfly in 1997. The band was a fast favorite among his legacy fans and his concerts bring out the wild beast in Metal heads around the globe. That makes me excited to announce that thanks to the fine folks in B.B. King Blues Club marketing we shall be putting in a few lucky PiercingMetal supporters. The band will be joined by Havok and even get some local support from What The Hell and SunLord. You know you don’t want to miss a minute of this one so read on further for directions.
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Win Tix For Soulfly In NYC On 3/14/2013

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Soulfly @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (11/14/2008)

In just about four months time, the Metal maniacs of the Big Apple would get another appearance of one of their favorite performers, the one and only Max Cavalera. The musician has been a busy man with new Soulfly material and the project with brother Igor Cavalera in Cavalera Conspiracy, but this report is about Soulfly as we reported on the CC project elsewhere in these pages. The show was at Blender Theater this time around and found some cool openers along for the ride. We had young upstarts Incite, and Oklahoma’s Bleed The Sky and Devastation.  Talk about getting more bang for your buck.  A large part of the night was covered in words and images so scroll past the logo to see it all.

Logo - Soulfly

Artist: Soulfly
Venue: Blender Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: Bleed The Sky, Incite
Date: 11/14/2008
Label: Roadrunner Records

It was only a few months ago that guitarist/singer Max Cavalera had graced the New York City Metal faithful with an appearance in the “side-project” band known as Cavalera Conspiracy. The appearance was nothing less than a momentous occasion for all who attended either one or two of the area dates and the reason behind this was mainly because it was also the reunion of Max and his brother Igor. Each of them originally members of the legendary Brazilian band Sepultura and it had been at least ten years since the pair performed music together. That story and concert piece are documented elsewhere on the site and tonight’s appearance of Soulfly would not only be working off the momentum of that other tour but also be celebrating the bands newest CD entitled “Conquer”. The gigs featured three openers in Devastation, Incite and Bleed The Sky, but since I had not known about the very first bands participation I missed them entirely and instead arrived just as Incite were set to hit the stage.
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