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“Merry Christmas” by Operatika Element

Artist: Operatika Element
Title: “Merry Christmas”
Label: OE Productions
Release Date: 12/13/2013
Genre: Holiday Rock
Rating: 4/5

While scanning the Spotify channels for some suitable holiday fare to add to the review archives I chanced upon this single that was released back in 2013 by the band Operatika Element and is very simply entitled “Merry Christmas”. The tune starts with a rousing wish and then continues its flow with positive energy and a wonderful grasp of the holiday mood that this season puts so many people in. After the first listen I found myself singing along with their lead singer Slava Popova who is accompanied by keyboardist Anna Dok. Keyboards are abundant in the tune and come care of both Dok and Boris Zaks while guitar work is the talents of Richard Fischer. Drums are not really something prominent in the tune based on its more contemporary vibe but they are delivered with skill by Yuri. This is without question a very warm and easily accessible holiday tune that puts you in the proper mood for the occasion and also one that could easily fit on numerous radio stations around this time of the year. The band also plays heavier stuff but this single is all about the wider audience and that is never a bad thing if you can pull it off successfully. Nice work folks, hopefully you’ll do another holiday tune in the future since you have the chops to do a good one and this is not so easily done. Readers who find the name somewhat similar to their ears should be aware that this is a newfangled lineup from the Symphonic Power Metal band Operatika. Grab this download as it will only set you back a buck. A link is provided below.

Track Listing:
1. Merry Christmas

Official Website: http://www.operatika.com/

Finntroll @ Gramercy Theatre (4/8/2010)

Logo - Finntroll

Artist: Finntroll
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Moonsorrow, Swallow The Sun, Operatika
Date: 4/8/2010
Label: Century Media Records

Now that April was officially off and running, one had to agree that it was doing its best to keep in the pace that was kicked off by March Metal Madness. We began our own Metal adventures earlier this week with Finnish powerhouse Sonata Arctica who stopped by NYC with both Mutiny Within and Powerglove in tow and now it was time for the aptly labeled “Finnish Metal Tour”. This show would bring us Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Swallow The Sun and Operatika and while I know that you scratch your head at the mention of the New Jersey Power Metallers, there is a reason for their appearance on this area’s show. Apparently the band Survivor’s Zero had dropped off the tour before it ever hit the USA and as result an area band would fill in the gap that they left. For me this was a pleasant surprise because they also have some good stuff. Here is how the night went down should you have missed out for any reason.
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Paul DiAnno @ B.B. King Blues Club (1/27/2010)

Logo - Paul DiAnno

Artist: Paul DiAnno
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Operatika, Icarus Witch
Date: 1/27/2010
Label: Independent Artist

If you own the first two albums by Iron Maiden, which you of course should as a self-respecting Heavy Metal fan, then you know full well about the legendary greatness of Paul DiAnno. He was the voice behind their debut release Iron Maiden and its blockbuster followup Killers and it was reported that the USA had not seen a tour from original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul DiAnno in something like fifteen years and while I couldn’t verify that with great certainty I could agree that it was a very long time since I had seen his name on any concert marquee. Fortunately for all in attendance, this evening at B.B. King Blues Club the Metal faithful of NYC would be treated to an evening of bona fide Maiden classics and I am sure that Paul would toss a couple of surprises in there for good measure as well. The crowd arrived early which was a good thing and it was nice to see the venue crowded for the second day in a row. Last night had been the Metal tribute act HAIL! and while they did a seminal early Maiden tune, Paul did not drop in for an unplanned visit. I think he had a show of his own last night but now all that mattered was that he was back in the New York Groove if I could borrow a line from Ace Frehley. The show would find Power Metal favorites Operatika starting off the night and a set from Icarus Witch. Let’s rock.
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“Dreamworld” by Operatika

Artist: Operatika
Title: “Dreamworld”
Label: unsigned
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Operatic Power Metal
Rating: 8/10

New Jersey based Operatika has finally completed work on their demo CD entitled “Dreamworld”. The 4 track piece is actually only 3 full songs, but you can definitely get the feel for the type of music Operatika brings to the table. Fronting the group is Slava Popova who is blessed not only by her beauty but her incredible voice as well. There were a couple of factors that I enjoyed about this demo right off the bat. The first would be the amount of production that they placed in it as it seems as though many bands are making sure that their work is represented as best as possible before presenting it to a record label or fan base. As one listens to this piece, you think yourself finding a sampler of a major release.
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