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“Salvation” by Byzantine

Artist: Byzantine
Title: “Salvation”
Label: Prosthetic Records
Release Date: 4/17/2007
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

After touring for their album “And They Shall Take Up Serpents”, the West Virginian Thrashers in Byzantine decided to deliver a DVD video to the fans that doesn’t follow the conventional manner of such things. Yes, there are videos and live footage along with interview stuff but the whole package is laid out quite differently. It begins with several songs performed in the studio and they all have a short clip from an original film they shot leading into it which seems to follow the story of a young lady in an ambulance who is already dead or dying. These are straight performance clips and there is not much to them in terms of overall content except for the solid thrashing Metal and that is actually never a bad thing as opposed to wide scenery and content which matters little to the end result. The fact that they present a number of songs to the viewer in this fashion reminded me of when I would sit in on my friend’s band practices as they showed off their wares and chilled with those who knew them outside of the gigging environment. It was rather intimate, even for a Heavy Metal band. They didn’t do a bad job with this section to be honest and it’s a quick moving half an hour of Metal. One thing I have found myself enjoying most about the music of Byzantine is the level of groove in their overall riffing. It’s very much the kind of stuff that one likes to head bang to when it comes down to it and more people are leaning to this kind of Metal as that which serves their need based on it having just a little more “oomph”. The guys also make sure to hand over a healthy amount of bonus features as well so we can discuss them now.
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