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Ghost’s Press Conference @ Irving Plaza (4/30/2018)

It was probably the earliest that I had found myself deploying for an event outside of something like the Toy Fair, but when Ghost announced that a Press Conference would be taking place in NYC at our own Irving Plaza (see that news HERE), I knew that I had to be on point no matter how much coffee was needed to make this happen.

The marquee of the venue that we know so well got right to the point about their being a special sermon by Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator.  Sister is the one we see in all of their propaganda videos.

ghost, photos of ghost, ghost press conference

On the stage a couple of microphones and a lectern.

ghost, photos of ghost, ghost press conference
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Ghost To Host Press Conference On April 30th @ Irving Plaza, NYC

There has been a message from the Clergy and apparently the Powers That Be for the band Ghost have announced a Press Conference for NYC this Monday at the ungodly hour of 9AM. Well, ungodly if you stay out all night like some of the folks in the Metal scene that I know of and here are the details.

WHO: Ghost
WHAT: A special announcement from Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator, live in person
WHERE: Irving Plaza (17 Irving Pl, New York, NY 10003)
WHEN: Monday, April 30th – Doors open at 9:00am
SPECIAL NOTICE: Fans who dress in Ghost cosplay will receive VIP entrance to the event
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Ghost Presents: Chapter 2: “The Cardinal”

Message From The Clergy: We wish to inform you our new leader has arrived.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: And so we meet Cardinal Copia for the very first time and the interesting part to note is that he is not of the same lineage as the Papas we have met before him. Could Sister have been wrong in her choice? Only time will tell if this decision was the correct one and like many of the other ardent loyalists of the flock, we shall be monitoring the goings on with great earnest.

Official Website: http://ghost-official.com/

Ghost Unveils “The Summoning VII”; Are You Ready?

The transmission was hazy but it was coming in nonetheless. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated acolytes of our own, we have snared visual of a secret meeting of the sinister powers that be behind the band Ghost. Watch the clip below. If you dare……

The Summoning VII: Are You Ready:
LINKÖPING, SWEDEN- NOVEMBER 14, 2016 – Grammy® Award-winning band Ghost have unveiled a new clip entitled The Summoning VII: Are You Ready in the wake of the conclusion of their critically acclaimed 41-city headlining U.S. Popestar tour, which included sold out shows from coast to coast. Brooklyn Vegan raved “They are unquestionably the live band they’ve always been aiming to be; a huge one”; Vegas Seven described the ritual as “Visually arresting, musically stunning and darker than midnight”; and Denver Post called it “the ultimate iconoclastic show.”
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Ghost Presents “The Summoning III”: The Battle For Philadelphia

It was only a couple of days ago that we shared the most recent bit of propaganda from Ghost in their “The Summoning” clips and it was a part of the longer official tour press release. If you missed those details please click HERE to be on point. I’m back here again with an additional message from them regarding one of the dates and some changes that have come up. Please continue.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So there you have it. The Philadelphia happening will be moved to another date to accommodate that other visiting dignitary. Don’t forget to mark down this change on your calendar, your mobile device and whatever else you use to keep track of your concert doings. I’m hoping to get to the Brooklyn event and if I end up there you can count on a show review and images right here. Cross your fingers and stay tuned is all I can add to that notion. Alright, let’s catch up again real soon.

Official Website: http://www.ghost-official.com