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Shonen Knife @ Sunnyvale

Shonen Knife Announces “The 2017 USA Ramen Adventure Tour”

Late yesterday the ladies of Shonen Knife announced “A 4,000 mile journey across America celebrating the music of Japan’s ​most beloved indie rock legends and the joy of eating Ramen.” Need I say more? If I do, perhaps the full on press release and dates down below will suffice. Take a look.

The Press Release:
After 36 years, Osaka’s pop punk queens SHONEN KNIFE are yet again hitting the US highways, this time combining their love for high-energy punk with their adoration for a masterly crafted bowl of Ramen. The 2017 USA Ramen Adventure Tour comes on the heels of their newest album ADVENTURE (2016) but is also riding the wave of the aforementioned noodle dish’s increasing popularity in the states. As the western world is finding out, Ramen is much more than the instant noodles and salty dust packets currently fueling college students. A properly made bowl takes time and thoughtfulness to craft (Check out frontwoman Naoko Yamano’s personal favorite Ramen recipe below!).

“Ramen is so tasty and a very creative food.” Says Naoko, “It consists of noodles and soup. Very simple, but it is deep and complex in flavor. Each Ramen restaurant has their own recipe with a different and unique flavor. That’s why it is growing in popularity in the US. Plus, the price is reasonable and it’s easy and quick food to eat!”

The 2017 USA Ramen Adventure Tour is not just an empty theme, by the way. The band will spend their pre and post show hours sampling Ramen from all over the US and documenting their journey online while pairing with local Japanese restaurants to promote their shows and local Japanese cuisine in each market.

This is also not the band’s first nosedive into the world of food. Over the course of their legendary career, the band has released dozens of songs for their foodie fans, from the sweet “Banana Chips” and “Strawberry Cream Puff” to the savory “Sushi Bar Song” and crowd favorite “Wasabi”. When talking to OC Weekly, Naoko explained the passion for their brand of chow related lyricism, “I’d like to be different from other bands. Doing [things] different is rock, isn’t it? I don’t want to write negative songs because if people listen to such songs, they must be sad. I want people to be happy through our music. That’s why I write songs about our favorite things, like food or animals.”
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Shonen Knife & C.J. Ramone @ Le Poisson Rouge

Punk Rock comes alive as Shonen Knife from Japan are joined by C.J. Ramone.

PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2011: The Concerts

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Even though I generally hammer out the concerts I liked the most in my year end overview, I figured that it was high time to start using the blog to feature this kind of angle. So what I did was start with the view of sharing my top 10 concerts that I attended in 2011. Then I wrote down fifteen, then twenty and then begged my brain to stop letting the coffee push me towards thirty concerts and end with twenty three. Of course since I saw about “80” shows this past year there were a lot more that I liked but these were probably my very favorite.

1. Kamelot @ Gramercy Theatre: The band returned to the headline stage with Fabio of Rhapsody Of Fire, would he be the new voice of the band? I hope so since he ruled.

2. Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ Prudential Center: This year’s tour was apparently to be the last of the presentations of “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” for awhile and wow how could that not be a thing to see. As always this group pulls out the stops and leaves me impressed and exhausted.

3. Volbeat @ Irving Plaza: These guys are just climbing the ladder of success.

4. Stryper @ B.B. King Blues Club: There is nothing like a little bit of a yellow and black attack in this Times Square venue.

5. Thin Lizzy @ Best Buy Theater: Phil Lynott might be gone but his influence and melody remains.

6. Amon Amarth @ Best Buy Theater: A crushing two set domination by these Death Metal Vikings.

7. Alter Bridge @ Best Buy Theater: Really love what this band does live.

8. Otep @ The Studio at Webster Hall: I’m merely a casual fan of Otep but I really was psyched about the openers of Blackguard, Sister Sin, One-Eyed Doll and Destrophy.

9. Black Veil Brides @ Gramercy Theatre: Entertaining band onstage and watching them grow is pretty cool.

10. Cinderella @ Irving Plaza: Shake Me NYC.

11. Renaissance @ The NY Society for Ethical Culture: Tonight the band performed two legendary works in their entirety. I was not missing this one.

12. Satan’s Lounge Band (Anthrax) @ Best Buy Theater: A special album release show. Cannot go wrong with that.

13. Slash @ Best Buy Theater: This was a Road Recovery event but had lots of worthwhile jamming going on.

14. Diamondhead @ B.B. King Blues Club: Educating myself with some classic NWOBH

15. Blaze Bayley @ B.B. King Blues Club: Bruce’s replacement in Maiden didn’t disappoint those fans who came out. He even stayed until the last fan got to shake his hand.

16. Immolation @ Gramercy Theatre: This band doesn’t headline enough around these parts.

17.The Misfits @ B.B. King Blues Club: It was Halloween Night, I saw no other way to celebrate it.

18. Shonen Knife @ The Bell House: Time for something different, I had never seen them before so gladly did so tonight.

19. Five Finger Death Punch @ Best Buy Theater: This was a wallop.

20. A Pale Horse Named Death @ The Studio at Webster Hall: Former members of Type O Negative deliver
their own doom Metal and it’s solid stuff.

21. Armored Saint @ The Studio at Webster Hall: I was never a big fan but wanted to see their gig in NYC and it rocked.

22. Corey Taylor @ Highline Ballroom: An acoustic show featuring the Slipknot/Stone Sour singer, that sure was interesting.

23. Twisted Sister @ Best Buy Theater: It’s a Twisted Christmas Charlie Brown. Santa Dee is coming to town.

24. The Big Four: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax @ Yankee Stadium: Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

What shows mattered most to you readers? Were you in agreement with me about some of the things I listed here after seeing them yourself? I would love to hear from you on this so please do comment in. I left them open for you so feel free to indulge me. Don’t forget to follow PiercingMetal.com on the popular Social Networks of Facebook and Twitter which are linked below.

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