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Fair To Midland @ Gramercy Theatre (3/31/2010)

Logo - Fair To Midland

Artist: Fair To Midland
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Opener: Karnivool, Something To Burn
Date: 3/31/2010
Label: Serjical Strike

Before I begin this narrative I want to rewind a couple of years to when some friends told me that the opening band for The 69 Eyes & Wednesday 13’s show was very much worth seeing. Sadly I would bypass on their advice because with only limited background on the group I would choose to pass on this first up opening slot tonight and “wait for the next time”. Of course when I arrived at the venue I was informed about my missing something very, very special and that next time did not seem to come until this evening. If they did shows in the region I just was not paying as much attention to the scene as I think I am and that made their headlining set in NYC a definite, must not miss bit of entertainment. Not only was I curious beyond a doubt about their live gig but it was also the final day of our March Metal Madness adventures and wow what a month this had been when it came down to it. For some of you the band Fair To Midland is no longer a mystery and you might already know about how great and powerful the melodies are on that most recently released album “Fables From A Mayfly, What I Tell You Three Times Is True”. After learning what I had missed out on I sunk my teeth into the album as well and regretted my decision of the time. Oh well, let that be a lesson to me – when a number of friends in “the know” recommend something, it is very smart for me to walk along the same path and see what the buzz is all about. The show would be held at The Gramercy Theatre (surprise, surprise) and feature both Something To Burn and Karnivool on the bill as well. Since I wanted to absorb the whole event I made sure to arrive just as the STB guys walked on stage.
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