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ProgPower USA XVIII Day One Musings (9/6/2017)

Contributor Steven Stolper was following up to some inquiries I had made of him recently and then shared that he was away for the weekend enjoying the findings at the annual ProgPower USA Festival that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Center Stage Atlanta theater. Historically speaking, PiercingMetal has NEVER been to the event but we’ve occasionally had interest in going based on the lineup for the year. With Steven on point, I asked for a quick briefing of the acts that he saw. Here are his transmissions to the High Command from the field.

ProgPower USA Musings. Day 1: It’s the end of summer. The time for the great annual Southern pilgrimage for fans of progressive and power metal. Every year fans of the genre from all over the world converge on Atlanta to feast their eyes and ears on the kind of music normally reserved for the big European metal fests. Following are some brief comments on the bands’ performances.

Power Quest (UK):

First North American appearance by this veteran British collective. Their guitar players could not make it over the pond so they recruited two Americans , including Bill Hudson (Jon Oliva, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Dirkschneider). The music was solid European style power metal, similar to Helloween. They were let down a bit by lackluster sound mix that did no favors to the vocals. Matt Smith of Theocracy, a great American power metal band, joined them on stage for a few songs.

Serenity (Austria):
Sound was much improved for Serenity. Vocals were a lot clearer and guitars really soared. Serenity’s brand of earnest symphonic metal was well received. Earlier material especially impressed with classy memorable songs.
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Celebrating “Free Comic Book Day” 2016

Logo - FCBD - 2016

Today was the first Saturday in May and that is a great day for fans of the comic book medium because its “Free Comic Book Day” and that means that participating retailers give their loyal customers a batch of comic books for nothing. I headed to my neighborhood comic shop of Galaxy Comics to see what was going on and it was nice to see the patrons picking up additional titles along with the free ones. Take a look at the shop from the entrance.

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I snagged photos of some of the titles that were on the shelves for the sake of this post. There was a lot of great stuff for the taking that’s for sure. Every shop that participates does this differently and some places have a better selection than others but I am happy to report that the folks at Galaxy are on top of their game and have a whole lot for their patrons to choose from. Take a look at a few.

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