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Ensiferum @ Irving Plaza

The mighty Ensiferum will land at Irving Plaza with support from Septicflesh and Arsis. You don’t want to miss the proper chance to get your Metal on nice and early in the New Year.

Ensiferum Announces 2019 “Path To Glory” North American Headlining Tour

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Though we haven’t even finished with the Fall season, the winter tours for the upcoming year are getting announced. This one should be interesting as its the long hoped for return of Ensiferum. Read on down below.

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The Press Release:
After nearly four years of absence, ENSIFERUM has announced a full North American headlining tour. Set to begin January 5th and run through January 29th, support will be provided by Septicflesh as well as an additional opener still to be announced.

Comments bassist Sami Hinkka, “It’s been way too many years since we rocked with our North American warrior brothers and sisters. So early 2019 we will set sails and head to your shores and we are not coming alone. We will join forces with a brilliant and ass kicking band, Septicflesh, and a special guest. What a way to start a new year! This tour will leave its mark on the history of metal so get your ticket in advance and get ready to mosh with us like there is no tomorrow. On this tour, we have no chance to play in every city that we would want to, so we are doing our best to return to North America for a second time in 2019. Stay tuned and see you soon!”
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Dark Funeral & Septicflesh @ Gramercy Theatre

The co-headlining run by Dark Funeral and Septicflesh will be one for the record books. They’ll be joined by Thy Antichrist and you’re not going to want to miss a crushing moment of this one if you can help it.

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Deicide Brings Us “In The Minds Of Evil” In Fall 2014

Fans of the mighty Deicide will start slavering in anticipation of the bands Fall “In The Minds Of Evil” tour that will find them joined by Marduk, Septicflesh and Carach Angren. The news broke earlier today and here is the poster that has been socially networked (for lack of a better term). I’ll pick up some discussion afterward.

Tour - Deicide - Fall 2014

Strangely enough this information came care of the Deicide Facebook as opposed to any formal press release and since the band had presented us with an official poster, I will assume that this is all a locked in affair. Looking at this touring package I have to say that it’s an impressive one because I’ve witnessed Marduk selling out venues like Gramercy Theatre a couple of times already while Septicflesh has brought their “Conquerors Of The World” tour around twice already and that does rather well. I’m not too much up on Carach Angren but I imagine I will have time to investigate before this tour hits our vicinity. At the point of this writing there are no tour dates nor venues listed but since some of the other providers of Metal entertainment were posting about this, I had to make sure I was in the mix as well for our regular readers. If this show plans on hitting one of the venues that I have traditionally done contests for you can be sure that I will look into doing one for this crushing affair. What are your thoughts about this package? Does it interest you at all? Will you attend? Let me know in the comments that have been left open for
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Win A Ticket To See Septicflesh’s “Conquerors Of The World” @ Gramercy Theatre On 6/24/2014

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The Details: A couple of years ago, Septicflesh returned to the states after a very long absence with their “Conquerors Of The World” tour. The exciting Metal event brought along bands such as ExDeo, Melechesh and Inquisition. Now the time has come to do it once again and this time around they will be bringing along Fleshgod Apocalypse, Black Crown Initate, Animist and Necronomicon. Hour of Penance was originally scheduled to appear but they have since dropped off the tour. This is still going to be a crushing evening of notes and I am pleased to announce that thanks to the folks at LiveNation that PiercingMetal will be putting some of our readers into the show for free. Read more on how to participate below.
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