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Tonight: “The Flash” Season 6 Premiere on The CW (10/8/2019)

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The season premiers for The CW Network of DC Superhero shows continue with the sixth season debut of “The Flash”. It’s been a vibrant week as shows like “Batwoman”, “Supergirl” and “Black Lightning” have already premiered. You can click those hyperlinked titles to learn more about those shows if you aren’t a regular viewer. Let’s revisit the fifth season happenings and enjoy the poster and some casting down below.

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Season 5 Recap: During the fifth season, the team discover that Nora’s presence has altered the timeline and unleashed Cicada, a serial killer bent on killing metahumans. They also eventually learn of her allegiance with Eobard, who orchestrated Nora’s arrival and Cicada. Barry and Nora succeed in subduing Eobard, but are forced to let him go and Nora is erased from the timeline. Unbeknownst to everyone, this event in turn causes the crisis that Barry disappears in to take place earlier than expected. (c/o Wiki)
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Tonight: “Black Lightning Season 3 Premiere on The CW (10/7/2019)

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Sure it’s still on the early side for someone that just attended the annual New York Comic Con for the last four days but fortunately I secured a proper nights sleep and am not feeling myself bump into myriads of Cosplayers anymore which means let’s get back on point with everything that keeps this website interesting. As you know, the NYCC often leads us into a series of season premieres and last night both “Batwoman” and “Supergirl” premiered and now its time for “Black Lightning” Season 3. Check out the overall premise, poster and casting. I will return at the close with some additional thoughts.

The Premise: High school principal Jefferson Pierce, who retired from his superhero persona Black Lightning nine years ago after seeing the effects it had on his family, is forced to become a vigilante again when the rise of the local gang called The 100 led by Tobias Whale leads to increased crime and corruption in his community of Freeland.
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Tonight: “The Walking Dead” Season 10 Premiere on AMC (10/6/2019)

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As you read this television premiere announcement, we are still entrenched deep within the Halls of Javits for the fourth and final day of the New York Comic Con. It’s been a massive event for sure with so many sights and colorful costumes to enjoy and as has been the case for many years now, every single badge features one or more of the characters from “The Walking Dead”. The end of the 9th season left most of us awestruck with what happened and just in case you are slow to catch up on things, I will not say anything more than it was a very dismal set of circumstances. Tonight the show premieres for its 10th season and the poster, Season 9 Recap and ensemble casting are listed below.

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Season 9 Recap: Eighteen months after Negan’s downfall, Rick proposes building a bridge to ease trading, but this leads to more resentment. Rick is seemingly killed when he destroys the bridge to prevent an invasion of walkers. Six years later, his absence triggers discourse between the communities, and a new walker-controlling threat named the Whisperers demand the survivors do not trespass their territory. Their leader, Alpha, has acquired a large horde of walkers that she will unleash if they do so. After her daughter Lydia abandons her mother’s group for the Kingdom’s, Alpha disowns her and massacres many residents during a fair.
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Tonight: “Batwoman” Series Premiere on The CW (10/6/2019)

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As I get ready for my final day at the New York Comic Con, its time to load up the posts about some of the season premieres that will be happening later on tonight. First up comes the brand-new series “Batwoman” which has its first season launch this evening on The CW Network. Those interested should check their local listings and if you are not too up on the characters, please take a look at our trailer post HERE to see what its all about. Batwoman will join a host of DC Comics characters that have a live-action series already (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning). I’ve also added the poster, premise and casting for good measure.

television posters, promotional posters, the cw network, warner brothers television, batwoman

The Premise: Set in a timeline where Batman has abandoned Gotham City, Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin, must overcome her demons in order to protect the streets as Batwoman and become a symbol of hope.
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Now Streaming: “Titans” on DC Universe (9/6/2019)

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It was only a couple of weeks ago that we shared the Full Official Trailer for DC Universe streaming service original series “Titans”. This series was the first for the streaming service and continues to bring the adventures of the Teen Titans to the small screens of your favorite devices. The second season has arrived and is now available to stream on a weekly basis. This is different from the Netflix streaming which permits and encourages binge-watching. Let’s review the official poster, premise and casting down below.

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Premise: Titans focuses on a group of young superheroes who form the titular superhero team to combat evil and other perils. The first incarnation of the team to appear in the series consists of Dick Grayson, Batman’s former vigilante partner turned police detective, Kory Anders, an extraterrestrial afflicted by amnesia, Rachel Roth, an empath pursued by dangerous forces, and Garfield “Gar” Logan, a shapeshifter formerly with the Doom Patrol. In the first season, Rachel comes to Dick for protection from her pursuers, which leads to them meeting and teaming up with Kory and Gar. The team eventually learns that Rachel is being targeted by her demonic father Trigon, who seeks to enslave the world.
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