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“Sleaze Freak” by Scum Of The Earth

Artist: Scum Of The Earth
Title: “Sleaze Freak” w/bonus DVD
Label: Eclipse Records
Release Date: 10/23/2007
Genre: Industrial Metal
Rating: 3/5

Formed when Rob Zombie decided to put his music aside to pursue his other interests in life, guitarist Riggs and drummer John Tempesta would form Scum Of The Earth. A band that would musically continue along the same path and premise as that of Zombie’s and this made them a perfect lock in for the performer’s existing fan base. It would however distance those who had expected something a little different from the guitar player, especially if they were casual observers from outside of this musical realm. “Sleaze Freak” is the bands second album, and while I admit to never hearing their first effort in full, I found from the samples of it that this recording ups the bands ante and moves them forward full throttle into the throes of being both Stripper Metal and Sleaze Metal masterminds. The thing about this stuff that I am not into is the level of repetitive grooves and feels that seem to invade each track and if you are that casual listener you would wonder if this was one contiguous track as opposed to a full album. “Bombshell From Hell” is the first single and is very reminiscent of Rob Zombie, and perhaps even a little better than he has been doing with his own sound of late. The lyrics are definitely on the R rated level and there is a lot of explicit dialogue and imagery presented on the songs that deal with sex, murder and out and out evil doings. It’s not for everyone but if you liked the first album then this will not matter to you.
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