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DC Comics First Issues Onsale In January 2014

Welcome to 2014 and a continuation of our Comic Book presentations here on the PiercingMetal Blog. With this new year now underway you should expect a few more posts like this each and every month as we have time to present them. The plan is to move the whole site into WordPress this year at some point and perhaps even integrate the blog there as well but I don’t know yet. Sorry for getting this one to you so late but there were other items to attend to and the plan going forward is for first issue presentations mostly. These are the launching items and special editions for January from DC Comics. Check them out.

"Batman/Superman Annual" #1
“Batman/Superman Annual” #1

BATMAN/SUPERMAN ANNUAL #1: It’s the first meeting of Supergirl and Red Hood, Steel and Supergirl and more as the competing Batman and Superman families must battle for the control of the missing Mongul’s fortress! And at the heart of it, Batman and Superman deal with their grief over their fallen comrades.

Written by Greg Pak; Art by Jae Lee, Ed Benes & more; Cover by Ed Benes
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