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Satyricon @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (10/25/2009)

Logo - Satyricon

Artist: Satyricon
Venue: The Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Opener: Chthonic, Korotory Regain The Heart Condemned
Date: 10/25/2009
Label: E1 Entertainment

It seemed like it was an incredibly long time since we had seen the enigmatic Satyr and his band Satyricon doing a show in the United States before the fates could no longer stand this rift in the Metal balance and would send him to our region as the direct support act for Cradle Of Filth back in February 2009. On that tour Cradle had embarked out to support “Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder” and the show in New York City quickly sold out and featured Septic Flesh from Greece as well. Satyricon, while the second of the three acts, clearly had the majority of support from the attending fans who all seemed interested in what he would do perhaps even more so than the headlining band. For many Metal fans this made sense based on just how well the singer’s previous album “Now, Diabolical” had been received. His follow up would come care of Koch Records and be entitled “The Age Of Nero” and like its predecessor was building up some serious Metal steam. This tour continued the singer’s support of the release which found itself on the now renamed from Koch – E1 Entertainment.
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“Volcano” by Satyricon

Artist: Satyricon
Title: “Volcano”
Label: EatUrMusic/Red Ink
Release Date: 4/13/2004
Rating: 4/5

Statistics and record sales show very vividly the increase in popularity of Black Metal in countries far away from the music’s land of origin. Attendance at the shows, especially in America illustrates this as a trend with no sign of an end. The bands are numerous and at times not all will be as good as the others but one of the best and most innovative of them all is Satryicon. Led by Satyr and completed by Frost, this two man team is a bringer of destruction and musical proficiency that more bands should take note of. The band was started by Satyr in 1993 with the demo “The Forest Is My Throne” and has grown musically and creatively since the group’s inception. On the albums Satyr handles vocals, guitars and keyboards while the former Gorgoroth skin basher is left in charge of kit destruction – very honestly this simple formula works when it comes right down to it. Songs like “Repined Bastard Nation” and “Fuel For Hatred” are killer numbers but instead of being dizzying displays of riffs over and over there is a stronger level of music going on in the songs. I feel this is the highest aspect of Satryicons appeal, as instead of following standards and predictability, they instead kick it up a notch by being a little more on the creative side. This process allows the band to better adapt to the ever-changing wave of musical styles. The past couple of years have shown this to be the smarter practice as bands like Opeth, Hypocrisy and Dimmu Borgir prove on a regular basis. In addition to the music, this enhanced CD includes the video for “Fuel For Hatred” which is pretty good. It’s essentially a performance piece more than a stylish video. The booklet is ripe with lyrics to the tracks as well as some black and white photographs that add to the mood. There is some explicit language present but this remains a must investigate band for those that are interested in bands that choose to defy convention instead of remain stagnant.
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“Now, Diabolical” by Satryicon

Artist: Satryicon
Title: “Now, Diabolical”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 6/13/2006
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 5/5

When you take the talents of Black Metal drummer Frost, and combine it with singer/guitarist Satyr the result is a firestorm of power called Satryicon. There are many that might find it difficult to believe that a two member band could create an album with any significant impact, but with “Now, Diabolical”, the pair have truly delivered one of the break through albums for the Black Metal genre. The best way to describe the release is as “epic”, for while they might not seem as brutal as they last did with “Volcano”; there is more melody and experimentation present which gives the band a wider reach and the chance to win over a new world of fans. Each song on the recording has an interesting build-up to its crescendo and there are a number of different feels on the songs as well. These different feels allow for each song to standalone successfully. Satyr combines vocal styles and plays all of the instruments outside of the drums, which is Frost’s department and the simplicity of guitar, bass, drums, vocals and the odd addition of horns make this a pure recording in terms of the instrumentation especially. There are no over the top keyboard or symphonic elements like we see in a lot of Black Metal these days but instead it is solely based on the guitars and drums. The riffing is interesting when you look at songs like the title track “Now, Diabolical” for under the slow and steady drive of the guitar is the thunderous double-bass drums of Frost. Clearly, the drummer comes from the school of Dave Lombardo – for when he plays its not just blasting away, but tasteful technique that shows what a talented player he actually is. There is a good chance that he is one of the best that the genre has going for it. Satyr himself proves to be a force to be reckoned with in his ability to do all the remaining instrumentation on the album as well as singing. Fans of the epic track will lean towards “To The Mountains” which caps over eight minutes and those that think the band no longer has the Extreme side should turn up the closing track “Storm (Of The Destroyer)”, for it is as Old-School Black Metal as might have expected more of on the recording.
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