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PiercingMetal Sees “Shin Godzilla” aka “Godzilla Resurgence” @ AMC Empire 25


“Shin Godzilla” is the latest film featuring the King Of The Monsters and the 31st to feature the famous Kaiju. 29 films came care of the Toho Studios people while two were American made features. You might recall the dismal “Godzilla” with Matthew Broderick from 1998 along with the 2014 reboot of that which was also called “Godzilla”. That wasn’t as bad by comparison. Now I got to see this film a couple of weeks ago at the VIP Screening that was held before the NY Comic Con thanks to Funimation but since it was not opening to the public for a few more days I held back on the personal overview since I knew it would have some spoiler stuff in the narrative. Now that’s its opened and run the course, I can safely do that. Here we go.

Our adventure begins with a sort of Japanese Coast Guard examining an abandoned boat and while they are looking around the vessel, something appears to attack them and while it seems unexplained to the masses back on land, we viewers know in our hearts that its Godzilla giving a first “hello”. We then find ourselves in a conference room in Japan where so much back and forth discussion is given. The film is almost entirely in Japanese (there are some English moments but not many) and as result we have sub-titles to read as it all goes by. Is it a volcano is it an underground earthquake or some kind of explosion are par for the course in the discussion and there is a whole lot of discussion going on. There is almost 20 minutes of straight discourse with not a single piece of destructive action. I tell you my eyes were keeping busy reading all the sub-titles. This film is considered to be a reboot of the classic film that starred Raymond Burr so the people of Japan were seeing the monster for the very first time in these now modern 2016 times. I guess everyone’s Facebook status was pretty troubling to read and their Instagram’s on the terrifying side.
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