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Toxic Vision Presents “Girls, Girls, Girls” (8/24/2012)

Interestingly enough, the last time that I saw designer Sharon Toxic showcasing her fantastic fashions was at one of the other “Big City Rebels” events that was put together by Samuel Valentine. As memory serves me this was also the event that I first caught the band Naked from Finland at along with the Vains Of Jenna (who are sadly no longer a group). I took the fashion show out of the concert review coverage and delivered it in a blog posting of its own since I felt it allowed for a little more special focus and you can revisit that posting HERE if you like.

Tonight the presentation would not be done as an actual runway kind of show which we saw being the case the last time around and instead Sharon would have a bevy of absolutely beautiful girls walking around the club in her latest wares. The core of the designs seemed to be a kind of jumpsuit with a vast and varied amount of new and classic Hard Rock and Metal bands. I loved it since there were quite a few surprises in the groups used for the designs which you will see for yourself in a few seconds.  The alluring happening was taking place at The Studio at Webster Hall.  As you readers know we have been here quite a bit this past year and this is not going to end anytime soon.

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Big City Rebels 4 Gives Fans Toxic Vision (5/27/2011)

I recently caught the Big City Rebels 4 concert event at The Studio beneath Webster Hall and that was nothing less than a Rock and Roll explosion. The event was put together by area promoter Samuel Valentine and thanks to his efforts the show featured a headlining set by Vains Of Jenna with direct support from Finland’s Naked. The Deafening and Natasha Komis also appeared to rock the audience socks off. Believe it or not this event was free. Right after the set from Naked, Samuel Valentine took to the stage and announced that some hot girls were coming up to show off the latest designs from the Toxic Vision Clothing line.

samuel valentine
Emcee Samuel Valentine

The designs are the work of Miss Sharon Toxic Vision and this is some really sexy stuff. Many of the hairstyles that the girls had were done by hairstylist Amanda Stone. Sorry but I did not get a photo of Amanda. Please forgive me.  I chose to let this part of the night have its own blog posting since we did something similar when Miss Jenncity emceed a Wicked Visions fashion gig last year.  This also lets the lovely ladies involved enjoy their own special moment in the PiercingMetal Blog content.  Enjoy. Continue reading Big City Rebels 4 Gives Fans Toxic Vision (5/27/2011)

Vains Of Jenna @ Santo’s Party House (10/27/2009)

Logo - Vains Of Jenna

Artist: Vains Of Jenna
Venue: Santo’s Party House (New York, NY)
Opener: Dirty Penny, Wild Street, Natasha Komis
Date: 10/27/2009
Label: RLS Records

Having been to many of the super powered Heavy Metal shows hitting the region of late I found myself being caught up in the overall seriousness that the genre often brings to the table. You might find this strange but how could it be anything less than the case when one catches bands like Type-O-Negative, Satyricon, Chthonic, God Dethroned, Moonspell and Gwynbleidd all in the span of two and one half weeks. I slid in a little Gothic Hard Rock and Melancholy with The 69 Eyes for their tour but the need for some fun stuff was becoming a necessity and that was when the call came for me to attend an event hosted by Sammy Valentine that was being held at Santo’s Party House. Sammy was calling this event “Big City Rebels 2” and my guess it was the follow up to another fun event that he moderated and when I saw the roster of bands performing I knew that I was in for a good time. Headlining the show would be Vains Of Jenna who I had seen before, Dirty Penny who while new to me in concert I had some familiarity with the name and w little bit of the sound and kicking it into gear would be native residents of the NYC Nighttime Rock and Roll world Wild Street and Natasha Komis. Combine all the hot talent into an equally hot club and it was a win, win situation for all who attended. I got there early enough to catch the first group which was Natasha Komis. Here is how the night played out if you didn’t manage to attend.
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