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Goatwhore Announces European Headlining Dates

Hey my Metalized Fiends, I just wanted to take a moment out of the usual proceedings to share the news about the European Headlining run by the mighty Goatwhore. I caught them a couple of weeks ago when they were supporting the Final US Tour by Satyricon and “Wow” were they on point. Sure we don’t usually showcase the gigs on the other side of the pond but when you need to recommend to your readers a capable and worthy band you break the standards. Here is the full press release from their people along with the gamut of dates.

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The Press Release:
The road warriors in GOATWHORE have confirmed several European headlining dates prior to their run supporting Dying Fetus this summer. The tour, which begins July 27th and includes stops at Metaldays, Rockstadt Extreme, Into The Grave Fest, Summer Breeze Fest, and Kaltenbach Open Air, will tear its way through nearly two-dozen cities upon its conclusion on August 24th. Additional support will be provided by Carnifex, Toxic Holocaust, and Venom Prison on select shows. GOATWHORE’s previously announced North American fall run supporting Arch Enemy kicks off on September 28th and runs through October 27th. Additional support will come from Uncured. Tickets are on sale now! See all confirmed dates below.

The Tour Dates:
7/27/2018 Metaldays – Tolmin, SI
7/28/2018 Industrial Bar – Zagreb, HR
7/30/2018 Live & Loud – Sofia, BG
8/01/2018 AN Club – Athens, GR
8/04/2018 Rockstadt Extreme – Brasov, RO
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Venom @ Irving Plaza (9/5/2006)

Logo - Venom

Artist: Venom
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Opener: Goatwhore, Early Man
Date: 9/5/2006
Label: Sanctuary Records

The first round of tour dates for Venom had been cancelled citing “Immigration Issues”, and given the amount of political hoops to jump through to fix them it seemed that the shows with Devildriver as their opener would simply never take place. Yet it was only a few days after these dramas that the announcement of rescheduling would come and this time the group would perform with both Early Man and Goatwhore. The sigh of relief on this would be felt in the entire Metal community as it had been almost ten years since Venom performed on U.S. soil (this was a mere one off appearance on the Milwaukee Metal Fest) and more than twenty since any headlining appearance or full tour was done over here (1983 if I am not mistaken). The venue of choice would be Irving Plaza and judging by the attendees you could feel the Black Metal in every corner of the room. As I entered I would be surprised to find tickets still available and while it did not seem sold out completely there was an amazing attendance for the bands return. The reasoning for my surprise is because of the age difference in the larger part of the audience and years of Venom’s absence. Many of the folks were from back in the day, but the larger contingent seemed to be as young as when they last headlined here and perhaps even younger. It’s great to see this faction supporting the bands and not wasting time on the crap that is pushed down our throats by the mainstream music industry. In terms of Metal music, the phrase “youth is wasted on the young” does not apply whatsoever.
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“A Haunting Curse” by Goatwhore

Artist: Goatwhore
Title: “A Haunting Curse”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 9/5/2006
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Proving the phrase of “that which does not kill you makes you stronger” comes Goatwhore with the follow up to their 2003 release “Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun”. Stronger would totally be an understatement as the music on “A Haunting Curse” both pummels and at the same time captivates you into their Black Metal world with a relentless fury. The recording of the album came after Ben Falgoust (also the singer for Soilent Green) had recovered from some bad injuries from a car accident. For awhile it actually seemed like full recovery would not be a possibility but one day he was just fine and back with a vengeance to work on the new Goatwhore album. Oddly enough, right after that was done the New Orleans band found themselves fleeing for their lives from Hurricane Katrina. All of these dramatic events would lead one to believe that the Fates were looking down on Goatwhore and out to get the best of them. Listening to the album and tracks like the opener “Wear These Scars Of Testimony” and “Bloodletting Upon The Cloven Hoof” will show you that the band walks among us with no fear at all and instead decide to instill the fear into you. Falgoust is powerful on the recording and this will easily translate into some killer live appearances (the band has been selected to open up for the one and only Venom when they return to the States in August/September 2006). Their Bathory influenced Black Metal is a welcome change from the crop of Stateside Death Metal bands who are risking being lost in the mix by keeping the sound to one premise. The aspect of the Goatwhore album that will cause many to raise their attention to them is the level of musicality that is showcased across the recording. Behind Ben’s growls is a killer musical lineup with Sammy Duet (guitar), Nathan Bergeron (bass ) and Zack Simmons (drums) and while the band explores different levels of melody like their European Black Metal comrades there is no sacrificing the heaviness of the tracks. It stood out for me as a listener and fan of the genre and perhaps with more US based Black Metal bands doing this the bar for the genre here can continue to be raised.
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