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Opening Today: “The Peanuts Movie” (11/6/2015)

As I grew up on all of these classic shorts starring Charlie Brown and his friends, I just had to do a broadcast that announced how “The Peanuts Movie” is opening up in theaters near you.

Poster - Peanuts Movie - 2015

Premise: Snoopy goes up against his nemesis, the Red Baron, while Charlie Brown tries to win the affection of the Little Red-Haired Girl, who has just moved to the neighborhood. It is set to be the fifth full-length feature film to be based on the comic, and the first feature film based on the characters in 35 years. The film will commemorate the 65th anniversary of the comic strip, and is scheduled to be released on November 6, 2015. The film sees Charlie Brown go on a life-changing quest

Cast and Characters:
Noah Schnapp as Charlie Brown
Bill Melendez as Snoopy and Woodstock (from archival recordings)
Hadley Belle Miller as Lucy van Pelt
Mariel Sheets as Sally Brown
Anastasia Bredikhina as Patty
Noah Johnston as Schroeder
Rebecca Bloom as Marcie
Mar Mar as Franklin Armstrong
William Alexander Wunsch as Shermy
Francesca Capaldi as the Little Red-Haired Girl
Venus Schultheis as Peppermint Patty
Madisyn Shipman as Violet Gray
AJ Teece as Pig-Pen
Alexander Garfin as Linus van Pelt
Micah Revelli as Little Kid
Kristin Chenoweth voices Fifi, Snoopy’s love interest
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