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“45 Days” by Demon Hunter

Artist: Demon Hunter
Title: “45 Days”
Label: Solid State Records
Release Date: 11/24/2008
Genre: Christian Metalcore
Rating: 4/5

“45 Days” is a documentary film that follows Christian Metalcore’s Demon Hunter for the duration of one of their tours. The name of the film is the same length as the tour run if you were curious and it was done during what had been noted as the bands most ambitious tours to date. This release is bound to please the bands fans based on the amount of stuff that there is to enjoy in the package. It’s actually more than just the film segment and is broken up into three discs with the first is the documentary “45 Days”. The second DVD included captures the band in concert while the third is an audio CD of music that we hear small bits of during the film. Since there are three distinct parts to examine with this release we have broken it up into three separate parts to make better sense of it.
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