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“Rush: Contents Under Pressure” by Martin Popoff

Title: “Contents Under Pressure” – Rush Authorized Autobiography
Author: Martin Popoff
Publisher: ECW Press
Release Date: 7/2003
Rating: 8/10

When one thinks of Rush, one of the first things that comes to mind is the lengthy and diverse musical expertise that they possess. They are probably one of the most talented bands to ever exist in modern music no matter how you look at it. They are often referred to as the “Fathers Of Progressive Metal” and this truly applies given the time that Rush first provided us with music. Their rich and unique style eventually gave bands like Dream Theater, Queensryche and Fates Warning a niche to apply their talents. In recent years their World tours (billed as “An Evening With Rush”) have sold out consistently and given their legions of fans a reason to return again and again.
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