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Ross The Boss @ Saint Vitus Bar

Ross The Boss is in Brooklyn and will be joined by Ethan Brosh and Old James. This early show is 21+ with proper ID.

Manowar’s “Fighting The World” Still Battling After 30 Years (1987-2017)

Check the integrity of your armor and chains and unsheathe thine swords oh Metal Warriors for on this very day in a bygone age, the mighty Manowar had thus delivered the molten platter “Fighting The World”. It was the bands fifth release and came care of Atco Records. As an album it was very straightforward Metal that had more of a commercially viable sound based on a few of its tracks than some of the bands earlier material offered up. Some of the purists to the band might have felt that the band sold out since this would be the their first chance to be broadcast on MTV with the fun video for “Blow Your Speakers”. I’ve embedded that for you below to check out if you haven’t seen it in many years or never before.

As usual, this toast is more personal based as opposed to lining out all the history that you can read on the Wikipedia entry. The original track listing is below and looking over it I have to say that my favorite tunes from it are still my favorite tunes from it. The first tune that “did it” for me personally has to be “Carry On” with the slower beginning and then into its thunderous drive. Speaking of drive there was probably nothing as heavy in my mind as the pounding relentlessness of “Black Wind, Fire and Steel”. As a very active drummer during the time of the album’s release I would periodically try to give myself a heart attack by seeing how far into the song I could get. That Scott Columbus was a demon on the kit during this time and I remembered also being a player who instructed some younger drummers in the basics and when one presented this tune to me as something they wanted to learn I had to be the Ben Kenobi Jedi Master and say “in time this will come” but certainly not after just learning how to keep basic 4/4 time.
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Ross The Boss @ Blackthorn 51

Ross The Boss is the man with the guitar plan from the earliest works of the legendary Manowar and tonight he will bring their classics to life along with plenty of solo material. You don’t want to miss the chance to “hail and kill” with such a show.

blackthorn 51 venue logo

Ross The Boss @ Bowery Electric (9/12/2010)

Logo - Ross The Boss

Artist: Ross The Boss
Venue: Bowery Electric (New York, NY)
Opener: Martyrd, Seventh Calling, Magus Beast, Horrifier, Ravage
Date: 9/12/2010
Label: AFM Records

I think it was about a year ago that I last caught Ross The Boss in action and for that show he was touring with the NWOBHM Legends Raven. The show was at Club Europa and the gig also featured White Wizzard, Zandelle and another band whose name I have forgotten. I liked what I saw as Ross was at the time supporting his album “New Metal Leader” and this incredible release was miles ahead musically than any of the recent output by his former band mates in Manowar. If you didn’t hear the album and think me insane for the statement, I suggest that you snare yourself a copy and be your own judge. The event this evening was listed as “Thunderfest” and would be held at the Bowery Electric club, a space that I had heard about but not adventured into until this very night. That is always a plus for me since it lets me enjoy the music in a totally new setting and it just makes the night cooler unless the venue turns out to be a hole. There was a lot going on at this rather early starting gig and while it said 6:30pm as a start I would not arrive until almost 8pm. I figured it would not be long after that for me to enjoy Ross The Boss and perhaps a couple of the other openers for the Thunderfest.
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“New Metal Leader” by Ross The Boss

Artist: Ross The Boss
Title: “New Metal Leader”
Label: Candlelight Records
Release Date: 1/13/2009
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

You know his name very well from being one of the founding members of the group that told the Metal legions to “Hail and Kill” and with six albums with them under his belt Ross The Boss has finally returned to his public with a new band, new music and an album that recalls the glory days of Power Metal’s formative years. With such Metal classics as Manowar’s first six releases and their still being active in the game today you might be asking yourself if you can count on the RTB material to follow the standard that they have been setting and I can safely inform you that he is not, and thank the Metal powers that be that this is the case. Personally I have felt that the only thing that Manowar has been killing for the past few years and albums is my overall interest in them for rather than continuing to rally the troops on Metal’s behalf, they have become a joke of their own design. Of course I am not alone in this opinion but I am also only on the judgmental side as well for there are those fans who would walk blindly into the fire with the band even though this is no longer my viewpoint. Ross’ new band was formed from the seeds of a Manowar Tribute act that he enjoyed performing with and realized that the potential for future greatness lay within. His prowess at the lead guitar and song writing of this kind compiled with capable musicians makes “New Metal Leader” a truly fantastic listen. I mentioned that he did not follow the exact path that his former band did, but yet with this being so, there is a regal majesty to many of the songs found on the release and a number of its topics deal with the whole sword and sorcery/high adventure theme. The upside to every tune is that nothing at all sounds dated or tired. This is an exciting album that leads you into new paths of adventure from the opening flourish of “I.L.H.”. “Blood Of Knives” thunders with power while “I Got The Right” might be one of those tunes that the audience sings along with the band to and it continues on in righteous fashion. “Matador” is rather epic on its own and another clear winner comes at us via “Death And Glory” and “Plague Of Lies”. Good stuff that had me head banging after only a few minutes of listening.
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