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New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2014: Chapter 1

Hey there my Metal Legions and let me once again wish you a very “Happy New Year 2014” if you didn’t see my “first day” message a couple of days ago. It’s my pleasure to welcome you all to our third year of our series “New Year’s Music Resolutions”. As the site has picked many new readers in 2013, I’ll let them know that this series asks a number of musicians who were asked to participate what their music resolution would be for the year and its always a lot of fun unveiling their plans to you all. For this years series I waited until we were inside the New Year to begin the narratives as opposed to running just after Christmas. That said here is the first chapter. Enjoy.

1. Acey Slade (Solo/Trashlight Vision/Dark Party/Joan Jett): ‘I have, easily, 2 albums worth of material written and maybe 1 more albums worth of 1/2 finished ideas. One of the reasons I haven’t entered the studio was because I was watching what format music listeners are purchasing music on. Sadly the answer that I have seen over the past year is that most music listeners are just not buying music period. Most. Not all. I have some pretty awesome fans and I think I have formulated a plan that will see me in the studio in 2014 doing an album of my own stuff. That’s the goal. At least one album of new stuff.

2. Joe Kurland (Armory): “My New Year’s Music Resolution is simply to try to enjoy music again, whether listening to it, creating it, and especially playing instruments. Being a perfectionist and ultra analyzing everything often makes the whole process of making an album an overwhelmingly stressful burden. Like the Ring in TLOTR, it gives purpose to your life and drives you to achieve great things yet it slowly rots you from the inside. It would also be nice to play several shows and festivals in 2014 in support of our new album”.
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PiercingMetal Goes To The 1st Annual Hot Sauce Expo!!! (4/21/2013)

Many readers of the Official PiercingMetal Blog are aware that we cover some entertainment related conventions like the Comic Con, Toy Fair and even Book Expo America but even they must be scratching their heads at my inclusion of the 1st Annual Hot Sauce Expo. Generally speaking, the food aspect of this particular event would find me posting this on my PiercingKen.com site but with a number of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock greats all having a hot sauce of their own found me putting the story here for the PiercingMetal fan base. Read on.

Poster - Hot Sauce Expo - 2013

The event itself was the brainchild of Jimmy Carbone and Steve Seabury. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Seabury, or “Buckshot” for a number of years from the Metal scene and watched him perform on the stage and eventually launch his now super popular High River Sauces brand. That being said, it was time to explore the event and lend some support. Here is the sign that greeted me as I wandered to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

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One of the many event sponsors were the cats from Empire Biscuit and they were baking biscuits and serving them up with a couple of kinds of gravy. While I didn’t manage to snag a photo of those tasty treats I did snap their bag of spiced walnuts and their outrageous gumbo. It was a warm but windy day and that made it chilly at times being on the waterfront. This gumbo was the perfect thing. I will be hitting their restaurant when it opens in the summer for sure.

nyc hot sauce expo, 1st annual nyc hot sauce expo, nyc hot sauce expo photos, nyc hot sauce expo 2013
Empire Biscuit Treats

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